License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition system offers a cost-efficient and smart vehicle entry and exit monitoring solution for both newly installed vehicle access control system and car park management system in Singapore.

License Plate Recognition System utilizes a high-resolution camera to acquire a vehicle image for reading license plate information. The system allows the definition of multiple detection zones.  Only vehicle plate that appears within the defined detection zones will be processed.  This eliminates the need for an induction loop detector – cost savings. It can also be integrated with 3rd party hardware because of its open system structure design.

As a Number Plate Recognition System solutions vendor in Singapore, we have years of proven project track record in providing industry innovative and automated surveillance solutions that meet your needs. We position ourselves in providing an end-to-end and operationally robust number Plate Recognition System which is aimed at assisting car park facilities administrators using Electronic Parking System to automate your car park management operations.

Key benefits

1. Swift, Secure & Automated
Offers a fast and automated management of granting vehicle entry access permission which also makes it be highly secure. With the fast and reliable reading of the License Plate Recognition System, vehicles can be registered and gain smooth entry into the car parking facility almost without a need to come to an abrupt stationary stop.
2. Searchable Video Footage
The video data of each and every vehicle access instance has its own unique time and location stamps, which is both image and text searchable for a fast and easy access at a later time. Video searching function via event filtering may also be executed by taking into account relevant parameters, such as the number of inbound parking vehicles or a total number of available parking spaces.
3. Automated Vehicle Statistics

Statistical data of vehicle movement can also be quickly tabulated and visualized base on the vehicle rear number plates.

4. Secure & Hierarchical Network Access Authorization
Although the License Plate Recognition system utilizes Internet network protocol for operational control and communication, the system structure remains a high level of highly secure with an encrypted data flow. All the various level of system authorization accesses can be fully set during installation setup and later modified by an authorized person when the need arises.
License Plate Recognition

Design & Features

How does the License Plate Recognition system work?

License Plate Recognition

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