Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera by T3 Security Integration Singapore is the best mobile body-worn video surveillance cam device during dailyBody Worn Camera operations. Such Body Camera able to capture a perspective that conventional CCTV systems simply cannot achieve.


Accountability & Monitoring of Activities

Such Body Worn Camera surveillance system is commonly used by new security service workers today to complement CCTV Security Camera System to capture footage videos during work operations so as to incorporate a higher level of accountability and documentation of activities.


Evidential Value

In many cases, the digital video log footage recorded from such innovative body camera products can now be served as an important source of indisputable evidence information to support legal efforts on a crime committed and for justification purposes of certain activities which were happened during a specific time of the day.


Enforcement of Professionalism

Having such form of video monitoring in addition to a CCTV camera system also help to force and get security professional and officers to act and adhere to certain rules of conduct to ensure professionalism & service standards.
It is used by end users in the security protection services and law enforcement professionals such as
1. Men & women officials in the Law police profession
2. Auxiliary security officers patrolling business office buildings and public work environments
3. Search & Rescue officer Workers in the Fire department
4. Military service personnel to learn, see and observe their Troops performance


1. Time Attendance System

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

Access Control Solutions

4. Time Attendance Software

Security Management Software

Features & Benefits of Body Worn Camera


1. Enjoy a Long Lasting Continuous Field Recording Time



Durable High Capacity Electrical Battery

The Body Worn Camera is equipped with two industrial-quality user detachable 1530mAh  – 2500mAh Li-Polymer electrical power pack.
This enables the Body Worn Camera on a Full charge to have the stamina to endure for at minimum 8, 12, or 15 hrs of continuous high-resolution Video footage & Audio capturing duration. For fast replacement and minimal operational disruption, the battery packs are user replaceable.
This helps to mitigate the need for the use of power charging adapter for security professionals on duty.


Quality & Durable Memory Card 

Every Body Worn Camera comes with a robust and high quality 32GB microSDHC storage card which is manufactured using top-tier MLC NAND flash chips.
This allows users to enjoy peace of mind about memory capacity running finishing and comfortably capture up to uninterrupted 240 minutes of Full High-resolution motion video.


2. Real-Time Remote Video Connectivity

With our online body cam connected to a data transmission signal network, you are able to Live streaming video captured from the body worn camera in real time just like a Wireless CCTV or Solar Powered CCTV. This allows security companies to Remotely see a security situation live for optimum situational awareness and speed of security response.
Such remote viewing can be done through a Smartphone application (IOS+Android),


3. High-Quality Video Footage

We understand that every visual detail is critical, particularly when the video footages are used by Police law enforcement, Commercial Security agencies or Government bodies for litigation evidential purposes. That’s why all our High HD Body Worn Camera comes features a video resolution of a minimum 1296p to Full HD 1080p.
The high video recording capabilities ensure all the important details of actions and events are clearly captured.


Latest Video Processor

Our Body Worn Camera utilizes the latest video processing chipset innovation commercially used in the industry presently. This includes chipset such as Novatek 96650, and Ambarella A7LA50 chipset


Wide Angle of Camera View Capture

Our Body Worn Cameras feature quality camera button lens which is adapted to have a Broad Field of view, ranging from a broad angle of 140 degrees to 170 degrees
For an extra depth perception, some of our Body Worn Camera models have an alternative Dual Lens configuration.


Auto switch between Day & Night vision (Assisted by Infrared IR LEDs) 

During recording in poor lighting conditions, the assistive infrared LED in the product independently switches on during night mode to guarantee a clear and high-quality Nighttime video recording and image capturing.


4. Rugged & Durable Design for Reliable Outdoor Protection 

The Body Worn Camera is built and encapsulated in a durable shock absorbing body which is certified with a Top level IPX4 water resistant rating. Its design is also verified rigorously with severe U.S. military drop-test industry standards
This helps to offer the Body Worn Camera great durability and defense against sudden shock impact forces, Occasional accidental drops, as well as exposure to water submerging & moisture.


5. Convenient Image Still Capture Press Feature

The Body Worn Camera features a User-Friendly and handy tactile slide control button which allows users to quickly take photographic snapshots as the motion recording is happening.
During a critical incident encounter by the security guard during duty, they can just press the physical snapshot button to capture high-quality photographic images quickly on the spot.


6. Easy to Use Management Software

The Body Worn Camera Docking station with multiple portholes features a user-friendly operation program interface that enables end users to securely organize past recorded Motion videos and Image stills using any Window OS-based PCs.
Using the management software, security end professionals can conveniently adjust the configuration of the Body worn camera device as well as update it operating the software.


Firmly Attached With 360 Degree Rotatable Clip

The Body Worn Camera mounting accessories feature a 360° rotatable clip-on mechanism which allows you to easily attach it to clothing, body harness strap, or belt, making it easier to record anytime, anywhere.

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1. Improved Business Efficiency

Real-Time Security Situational Awareness

Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

Security Information Management

Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

3. Accountability & Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Security Policies

Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

4. Integration with Payroll

Safeguard Your Organization Safety & Security

Ensure safety and security of your employees by mitigating operational exposure to workplace security risk factors.

5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Pro-actively deter Risk of Intrusion and Threats from both your Internal and External operational environments.

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring

24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

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Body Worn Camera Product Specification 

● Weight: 108 grams
●Built-In Microphone
● Still Photo Image Capture During Video Recording
● Water and Shock Resistant.
– Durable design that is Excellent Water and Shock Resistant.
This makes the Body Worn Camera ideal for use in both Indoor and Outdoor environmental conditions.



● Camera sensor: 12 MP
● Camera Lens Field of View Angle:  160 ~ 170 Degree Wide Angle Viewing (Optional Dual Lens with external Button lens)
● Video Resolution: 1296p ~ 1920 x 1080p HD Video (up to 30 FPS)
● Video processor chipset: Novatek 96650, Ambarella A7LA50, Ambarella A12 chipset
● Auto switch between Day & Night vision (Assisted by Infrared IR LEDs)
● The auto adjustable focus while video capturing
● Motion Triggered Video recording
● Continuous Recording time:   3.5, 8, 12, or 15 hrs
● Remote Video Live Stream over a network:  Yes
● Audio sound recording: 512 kbps


Memory Storage Media: 

● Storage format: microSDHC
● 2 SD Card slot design
You have the option of storing your Video & Audio media files either in the Body Worn Camera Built-in storage (~ Max 128GB) or by inserting an external SD card 64GB Max


Network connectivity Methods:

1. Mobile 3G, 4G
2. Public Wifi Networks
3. Bluetooth
4. Built-in GPS Geo Location



● Rating: 2500 mAh
● User Removable: Yes
● Built-In Battery Life: 3.5 hours



● Integrated Body Clip
● GPS + Radio Cable
● Dual Lens Optional
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