Car Park Barrier System

Car park barrier system is at the core of what our security consultants in Singapore specialize in at T3 Security Car Park Barrier SystemIntegration office. We are a seasoned car parking barrier systems vendor with over a decade in the Electronic Parking System industry offering not just a standard vehicle access control systems, but a full suite of Customized integrated car park barrier and ANPR system solutions with an excellent range of after-sales technical support services.
At T3 Security Integration, Our philosophy is very simple, which is to offer the best value to all our clients to ensure satisfaction and maintain a long-term business relationship.


Effective Car Park Management

Car park barrier systems are the perfect car parking management solution if you need to control and manage the vehicle transit in and out of your car park facilities.
Through integration with License Plate Recognition System, our Car park Barrier gates allow you to efficiently manage and track the movement of a heavy traffic of vehicles entering into your car park premises even when the traffic is heavy.
Such a car park barrier system can be deployed in various car park facilities such as Public Buildings, Condominiums, Shopping malls where the daily vehicle traffic is heavy.


Customized & Integrated Car Parking Barrier Management Solutions 

As different building premises each has its own set of unique car parking management challenges and specification requirement, we ensure all our car park management system deployed is customized and fully integrated to satisfy your needs.
The security landscape and technology is continuously ever-changing, our in-house team of system developers is constantly using the highest quality hardware and software know-how to ensure that our Car Park Management systems are kept current and up-to-date with the latest developments.
Various types of car park management projects that we have experience worked on includes;
● Commercial office building car park
● Private Residential Condominium car park
● Shopping Centre car park
● Hotel car park
● Exhibition & Convention center car park

Benefits of Deploying a Car Park Barrier System

Various benefits of implementing a Car Park Management System includes;
● Responsive and economical automation of car park management and payment collection
● Optimize profits through streamlining of management operations of car park facilities and vehicles
● Maximize occupancy level of parking slots at all times


Wireless Device Communication using Long Range (UHF) RFID Technologies

Using a long range UHF RFID antenna, the EPS car park management system is able to wirelessly transmit signals to the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) installed in the vehicle. The (UHF) RFID technology used is similar to that found in the Electronic road pricing (ERP) system.
This allows the EPS system to capture and verify the unique ID number of the vehicle’s In-Vehicle Unit (IU) before giving the vehicle entry access into the car park facilities.
Information data (eg. IU number, Date & Time of entry, Car Numberplate) collected during the car park entry will then be sent to the central PC database for later retrieval.


Vehicle Identity ID Authentication

For secure building premises, such as Governmental, Embassy, Correctional facilities or Military camps, a car park barrier system also serves as a reliable form of vehicle identification to ensure that only registered authorized vehicles are allowed gain entry into the building facilities.
It can also able to identify unauthorized vehicles which have shown up in the entrance lane and deny entry into the premises.


Swift Vehicle Registration Process

To make sure an un-restrictive passing of vehicles through the car parking management system, we make sure that the procedure of capturing of the vehicle unique In-Vehicle Unit (IU) identification number is completed in less than 2 seconds. This helps to eliminate any risk of long vehicle congestion during days with heavy traffic
Once the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) ID number is read by the EPS Antenna and the barrier will be opened automatically. The operation of reading the IU and lifting of barrier requires less than 2 seconds.


Automated Parking Payment Process Upon Exit

Depending on your needs and technical requirements, we offer the option of either an Online or Off-line payment module to allow you to enjoy a payment automation solution at the Car park barrier gates park
During exiting, the long-range (UHF) RFID antenna will wirelessly read various information from the vehicle at the exit lane.
This includes information such as In-Vehicle Unit (IU) identification number, date and time of departure.
Using this data in conjunction with the date and time records captured earlier during entry, the car park system will automatically compute the parking fee chargeable.
Upon a successful deduction from the CashCard or CEPAS card in the IU, the barrier will be lifted automatically
* Note that for vehicles with season pass holders, no car park charges will be imposed when they exit.


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Overview of Car Park Systems and Solutions that We Offer

To cater and meet the various Usage and Technical requirements from different clients, we offer various types of intelligent automatic Car Park Barrier systems as shown below.
Some of the Car Park Barrier solutions we provide include;
1. Automatic car park barrier gates (Swing arm) 2. Car Park Access Control 3. Semi Electronic Parking System (EPS) 4. Full Electronic Parking System (EPS) 5. Intelligent parking management systems

1. Automatic Barrier Gate System

Barrier Gate System enables administrators personnel at car park premises to grant entry access to each incoming vehicles either manually or by using a remotely controlled barrier gate.
During the day to day operation of the Barrier gate system, it needs minimal human intervention and recommended for car parks operations with low traffic volume
Generally, Such a barrier gate solution is a very affordable system and has fast and easy setup.


2. Car Park Access Control

A Car Park Access Control utilities a Long range RFID antenna to wirelessly detect and read an authenticating device Tag that is pre-assigned and attached to a registered vehicle before enabling them to access or exit the car park premises. This car park access solution is a very affordable implementation but takes a longer time to deploy as compared to the barrier gate system.


3. Semi Electronic Parking Systems (EPS)

Semi EPS (Electronic Parking System) allows inbound vehicles with In-vehicle Unit (IU) to easily enter the car park premises in a very convenient hands-free manner.
At the exit station lane, vehicles that do not possess a valid parking Season pass will have to make payment by using a CashCard/CEPAS card at the payment kiosk provided.
This Semi EPS parking system is suitable for car parks with a high proportion of season parking to facilitate the smooth traffic flow of the season parking vehicles. It is marginally more expensive and takes a slightly longer set up time as compared to the CashCard/CEPAS System.


Operating Procedure of Semi EPS at Entry Point

1. As the Vehicle close in on the barrier at car park entry lane, the Antenna will detect the entering vehicle.
2. The long-range Antenna will wirelessly communicate the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and register the vehicle entry/entering time.
3. Cark park Barrier will be raised up to enable the vehicle to enter the car park facility
3. After the vehicle has passed the EPS entry point, the Barrier will be lowered back into position


Operating Procedure of Semi EPS at Exit Point

1. As the Vehicle gradually close up on/approaches the EPS barrier at car park exit, the system detects the incoming vehicle.
2. Antenna will read the In-vehicle Unit (IU) unit to identify the vehicle and process the car park charges/fee payable via the Semi Electronic Parking System
3. LED digital display will show the parking fee payable
4. To process payment, the Driver just have to place the cashcard/CEPAS card in the IU card reader
5. After a successful completion of the car park fee payment, the Barrier will be lifted
6. The EPS Car park Barrier will be carefully lowered back in original position after the vehicle has left the exit point



Why Choose Us

Enjoy the following Key benefits when you choose T3 Security Integration:
1. We have an in-house team of experienced technical support engineers that will be sent to the client site to commission and ensure the car park barrier system implementation are functioning well
2. Dedicated assigned Area account manager to attend your needs
3. A comprehensive Scheduled preventive maintenance program to ensure the system is regularly maintained
4. We are able to provide professional technical consultation and configure a the Car park barrier system base on your actual project requirements.

4. Full Electronic Parking System (EPS)

A Full fledge EPS (Electronic Parking System) allows vehicles with In-vehicle Unit (IU) to enter and exit car parks in an intuitive hands-free manner.
At the EPS exit station, vehicles that do not have a season pass will have to make payment by inserting a CashCard/CEPAS Card into the vehicles’ In-vehicle Unit (IU).
This electronic parking (EPS) system is recommended for car park facilities with high than average traffic volume as it helps to make sure that Casual or Season parking vehicles will not experience congestion at the exits of car parks.
A Full EPS system is usually more expensive and takes a much longer time to install & configure compared to a/the Semi EPS system.


Entry Point

1. As an Incoming Vehicle close in on the EPS barrier at car park entrance lane, the EPS system will sense the vehicle.
2. Long Range RFID Antenna will wirelessly read the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) and log in the vehicle entering time in the EPS parking system.
3. Barrier will be automatically lifted to allow the vehicle to enter the car park
4. Barrier will be lowered after the vehicle leaves the system entry point


Exit Point

1. As the inbound Vehicle approaching the at car park barrier at the Exit lane, the EPS system will automatically detect the vehicle.
2. Long Range RFID Antenna will communicate with the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and retrieve the parking charges from the parking system
3. Electronic LED panel will display the car parking fees payable
4. For a successful processing of car parking fee payment, the Driver just have to make sure that cashcard/CEPAS card is inside the In-vehicle Unit (IU)
5. The EPS Physical Barrier will be carefully raised up after completion of the car park fee payment transaction
6. Once the automobile has successfully crossed the EPS system, the EPS physical Barrier will be swung back in horizontal position.


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1. Complimentary Parking System 

The complimentary parking system is designed to process the complimentary parking tickets issued to vehicle drivers in order for them to successfully leave the car parks under complimentary parking.
This type of parking system is normally used in industry domains such as Hotels, Shopping centers or any industries that need giving of complimentary parking to vehicle drivers.

Entry Point

1. Detection of Incoming Vehicle occurs as the vehicle close in on the physical barrier at car park entry lane
2. Antenna will read the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and register the entry time in the parking system. Barrier will raise to allow the vehicle to enter the car park
3. Barrier will be lowered back in position after the vehicle has physically departed from the parking system entry access line.

Exit Point

* To avoid unnecessary automatic deduction of parking fees, the Driver has to remove cashcard/CEPAS card before approaching the exit lane of the car park
1. Outgoing Vehicle is detected as the vehicle close in the car park physical barrier at the exit lane
2. The Long Range RFID Wireless Antenna will read with the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and retrieve the parking charges from the parking system
3. The Digital LED display will show the amount of parking fee payable
4. To redeem the complimentary parking ticket given, Driver simply have to place the barcode ticket into the EPS system scanner for processing of the payment
5. Upon successful completion of the car park fee payment transaction, the Barrier will be lifted to allow the vehicle to pass through.
6. Once the vehicle has passed the EPS system, the physical Barrier will be swung into the horizontal default location

2. Cashcard/CEPAS Payment System

CashCard/CEPAS payment System operates by enabling the use of CashCard/CEPAS card for payment transaction at the EPS kiosk to facilitate the authorization of Entry access or Exit of vehicles from the car park premises.
This Cashcard/CEPAS payment system is suitable for car parks that experiences a relatively low traffic volume as it is the lowest cost and easiest to be deployed.

Entry Point

1. As an inbound Vehicle approaches near to the car park barrier, the EPS system will detect the vehicle at the entrance point
2. Driver is to insert/tap the cashcard/CEPAS card to the card reader and vehicle Entry time will be logged in at the parking ESP system
3. Barrier will then be automatically lifted to allow the vehicle to enter the car park after entry time is registered by the parking system
4. Once successful completion of the vehicle enrollment and, the Barrier will be lowered after the vehicle has departed from/left the entry line

Exit Point

1. Vehicle approaching the barrier at car park exit
2. To retrieve parking fee payable, the Driver simply has to insert the cashcard/CEPAS card into the card reader.
3. Electronic LED display will show parking charges payable and automatically deducted the amount from the Cashcard/CEPAS card
4. After successful completion of car park fee payment transaction Barrier will raise up to allow for the vehicle to exit.
5. After the vehicle has left the car park facility, the car park barrier will be moved back down in the horizontal default position
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