Car Park Management System

As a Car Park Management System solutions provider in Singapore, T3 Security Integration pride ourself in providing a Car Park Management Systemcomprehensive and operationally integrated car park barrier systems and License Plate Recognition System which is aimed at helping car park facilities management personnel to maximize profit and value from your car park management operations.
We are a team of professional Car park management and ANPR systems specialist with in-depth of operational experience in delivering industry-leading integrated car park management solutions and Vehicle Access Control System


Customized Car Park Management Solutions

As different building facilities each has its own set of unique car park management challenges and technical requirement, we ensure all our Electronic parking system car park management solution implemented is customized and fully integrated to meet your demands
In addition to providing the Car Park Management System, we are a total Car Park Management Solutions company, where our scope of services includes:


1. Security Consultation

Conceptualization, Design of Car Park Management system workflow, layout and defining of technical specification


2. Field deployment 

Actual on the ground Installation, Commissioning and implementation of Car Park management systems


3. After-Sales Technical Support

Preventive Maintenance and Technical Troubleshooting of Car Park Management System



Features of Car Park Management System

As the security industry and technology is constantly ever-changing, our in-house team of system engineers are continuously incorporating the latest quality hardware and software technology to ensure that our Car Park Management solutions are kept current and up-to-date with the latest trend.
There are some key features of our Car Park Management Software:
● Web-based Management Software which is remotely accessible via a network
● Allows customization of user dashboard to incorporate multi-tier parking rates
● Remote management of car park barrier, such as monitoring of barrier operational status & Controlling of Barrier mechanical movement
● Customizable configurations which can be activated by Time scheduling functionality which is useful for Special events (eg. Invitation-only door Events, Open house, VIP visiting, Public Holidays, Graduation etc)
● Seamless Integration with In-house Membership Software Database
● System reset via Car Park Management software
Various types of car park management projects that we have experience working on includes;
● Commercial office building car park
● Private Residential Condominium car park
● Shopping Centre car park
● Hotel car park
● Exhibition & Convention center car park


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2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

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4. Time Attendance Software

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Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

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Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

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Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

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6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

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24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

Benefits of Implementing a Car Park Management System

Some of the advantages of deploying a Car Park Management System includes;
● Efficient and cost saving automation of car park operations and revenue collection
● Maximized profitability through streamlining of management operations of car park facilities and vehicles
● Optimize occupancy level of car parks slots at all times


Wireless Device Communication using Long Range (UHF) RFID Technologies

Using a long range UHF RFID antenna, the EPS car park management system is able to wirelessly communicate signals to the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) attached to in the vehicle. The (UHF) RFID technology utilized is similar to that used in the Electronic road pricing (ERP) system.
This enables the EPS system to read and authenticate the unique identification number of the vehicle’s In-Vehicle Unit (IU) before granting the vehicle entry access to the parking premises.
Information records (eg. IU number, Date & Time of entry, Car Numberplate) collected at the entrance will then be sent to the Control PC database for storage.


Fast Vehicle Check-in Registration Process

With an automated Car Park Management System, Driver can swiftly be registered and gain access to the car park facility almost without needing to come to a complete stationary stopping.
To ensure sure an unobstructed passage of vehicles through the car park management system, we ensure that the process of registering of the vehicle unique In-Vehicle Unit (IU) ID number is finished within 2 seconds. This helps to prevent any possibility of long vehicle queues during times with peak traffic
As soon as the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) Identification number is captured by the EPS Antenna and the barrier will be lifted automatically. The process of reading the IU and opening of barrier takes less than 2 seconds.


Automated Payment Process Upon Exit

During exiting, the long-range (UHF) RFID antenna will wirelessly capture various information from the vehicle at the exit lane.
This includes information such as In-Vehicle Unit (IU) ID number, date and time of departure.
Using this information together with the date and time information captured earlier during entry, the parking system will automatically tabulate the parking fee payable.
Upon a successful deduction from the CashCard or CEPAS card in the IU, the barrier will be raised automatically
* Note that for drivers with season pass holders, no car park fees will be charged when they exit.

Types of Car Park Management System that we Offer

Some of the car park management systems that we offer/provide in Singapore includes
1. Full & Semi Electronic Parking System (EPS)
2. Cashcard/CEPAS Payment System
3. Complimentary Parking System
4. Proximity Disc System.
5. Customized Car Park Management System


1. Electronic Parking Systems (EPS)

Electronic Parking System (EPS) is an Automated and Cashless parking charges payment solution that uses EPS Long range (UHF) RFID antenna to wirelessly read the ID number of ERP In-Vehicle Unit (IU). It enables car park administrators to manage and monitor vehicle movement as the vehicle enter and leave the car park premises.


Full Electronic Parking Systems (EPS)

During exit, the parking fee is wirelessly deducted from the Cash Card/Ez-link card from the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) of the vehicle. This presents an easy way of making payment without the inconvenience of the driver having to physically insert the Cash Card or swipe the CEPAS II card onto the payment unit of the EPS kiosk.
Entry Operation
As the motorist drives the vehicle into the Entry lane, the EPS Antenna will pick up the ERP In-Vehicle Unit (IU) identity ID number and record/log down the vehicle entry date and time into the car park system. The car park Physical barrier will then raised up for the vehicle to gain entry.
Exit Operation
At the Exit, the EPS long range Antenna will again pick up the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) ID number and compare it with the database of the vehicle entry records.
The system will calculate the parking fees chargeable, and flash the amount onto the LED display installed near the Exit Terminal.
A wireless signal will be sent to the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) to make the relevant payment deduction. After the payment transaction is successful, the barrier will be lifted up for the vehicle to drive through and leave the car park building.


Cost Advantage of Using a Semi Electronic Parking Systems (EPS) 

Although a Semi Electronic Parking System (EPS) requires the motorist to physically put in the Cash Card or swipe the CEPAS II card onto the payment kiosk, the price of deploying the system is a drastically more affordable option compared to a Full EPS system.
 This is because a Semi EPS does not need the costly automated payment station. This cost advantage enables you to potentially save more than half the expense of a Full-fledged EPS.
*Note that the potential cost saving of deploying a Semi EPS as compared to a Full EPS is often is in the range of ~ $70,000)


2. Cashcard/CEPAS Payment System

CashCard/CEPAS payment System works by allowing the use of CashCard/CEPAS card for payment transaction at the EPS kiosk to enable the granting of Entry access or Exit of vehicles from the car park facilities.
This Cashcard/CEPAS payment system is recommended for car parks that have a relatively low traffic flow as it is the most affordable and quickest to be set up.


Entry Point

1. As an incoming Vehicle get near to the car park barrier, the EPS system will sense the vehicle at the entry point
2. Driver is to tap the cashcard/CEPAS card to the card reader and vehicle Entry time will be registered by the parking ESP system
3. Barrier will then be automatically raised to enable the vehicle to gain entry into car park after entry time is registered by the parking system
4. Upon successful processing of the vehicle registration and, the Barrier will be lowered after the vehicle has left the entry point


Exit Point

1. Vehicle approaching the barrier at car park exit
2. To retrieve parking charges payable, the Driver just have to tap the cashcard/CEPAS card into the card reader.
3. Digital LED display will display parking fee payable and automatically deducted the amount via the Cashcard/CEPAS card
4. Upon successful transaction of car park fee payment processing Barrier will lift up to enable the vehicle to depart.
5. Once the vehicle has left the car park premises, the car park barrier will be lowered back down in the horizontal default position


3. Complimentary Parking System 

Complimentary parking system is designed to read the complimentary parking tickets given to vehicle drivers in order for them to successfully exit the car parks under free parking.
This type of parking system is frequently used in industry industries such as Hotels, Shopping centers or any verticals that require providing complimentary parking to vehicle drivers.
Entry Point
1. Detection of Inbound Vehicle happens as the vehicle approaches the physical barrier at car park entrance lane
2. Antenna will read the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and register the entry time in the parking system. Barrier will lift to allow the vehicle to enter the car park
3. Barrier will be lowered back in position after the vehicle has physically departed left the parking system entry access point
Exit Point
* To avoid incorrect automatic transaction of car park fees, the Driver is advised to remove cashcard/CEPAS card before approaching the exit barrier of the car park
1. Exiting Vehicle is detected as the vehicle approaches the car park physical barrier at the exit point
2. The Long Range RFID Wireless Antenna will communicate with the In-vehicle Unit (IU) and retrieve the parking charges from the parking system
3. The Electronic LED display will show the number of parking charges payable
4. To use the complimentary parking ticket given, Driver just have to insert the barcode ticket into the EPS system scanner for transacting of the payment
5. After successful completion of the car park fee payment transaction, the Barrier will be raised to allow the vehicle to pass through.
6. After the vehicle has crossed the EPS system, the physical Barrier will be lowered into the horizontal default location

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