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CCTV Surveillance System is widely accepted by many companies in Singapore as a critical component of any integrated buildingCCTV Surveillance System security system solution implementation.
Here at T3 Security Integration, we offer a range of LAN cable installation support, maintenance services and provide various quality IP Security Camera product types such as Dome, Bullet, PTZ ( Pan Tilt Zoom), Analog Camera, Solar Powered Camera and Wireless CCTV Camera to satisfy your surveillance equipment needs, requirements and objectives of your high tech security Network Security Camera System deployment.


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Video Analytics for Analysis of Moving People & Object 

Smart video analytics technology integrated into Security Surveillance System is an exciting area of application products that new CCTV systems are branching out into especially in an era of focus on video recording speed and time efficiency.
Such main CCTV Camera System allows for a broader range of pro automation & Intelligent DVR & NVR recorders deployed for commercial surveillance applications. This involves the use of Surveillance System in new service industries that require free remote public monitoring and counting of object and people coming into a predefined counting area.
At T3 Security Integration, we offer digital video analysis software installation tool that can be installed onto mobile Wireless Security Cameras in the CCTV video surveillance system to enable the CCTV Security System to perform accurate counting of moving objects and people within individual predefined object counting zone area within the cameras vision field of view.


Application of People Counting Feature

Such people counting video analytics feature built into the CCTV Surveillance System such as Solar Powered CCTV is extremely useful for corporate office places where there are a heavy influx and flow of pedestrians traffic entering in and exiting out of a predefined work zone region.
This includes major industries where store site managers and shop business owners will likely want to be able to use the IP Security Camera System to closely track and count the movement of people
Examples of such industries include:
1. Shop Retailers store Shops in large format shopping centers
2. Entertainment and sporting arenas
3. Transportation hubs such as Bus terminals, Railway exchanges
4. Office building entrance where card based door access system is installed


Case Study: Use of Video Analytics in Sales Industry

Often times in the retail shop industry, Supermarkets marts and large of retail shop chains will often run events such as sales promotions.


1. Track & Monitor Consumer Traffic Behavior

To measure, record log and assess the effectiveness of their sales campaign, it is always useful to have a way to track how the consumer crowd buy and moving in and around these dedicated promotional or aisles areas in the store where they’ll have a stack of merchandise


2. Measure & Track Sales Performance 

With smart video analytics tracking of the shopping crowd movement behavior around pre-defined counting zones, managers owners are now able to obtain valuable analytics data to effectively compare the sales targets and expected outcomes for that sales quarter with the Actual human traffic flow around those areas.
Alert Alarm notification can also be configured when certain specific event triggers are detected eg. Overcrowding.

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Features & Benefits of CCTV Surveillance System Video Analytics

Here is a quick rundown of some of the key benefits and features of implementing video analytics in your video surveillance deployment.


1. Cost Effectiveness

Having a decentralized CCTV with video analytic is extremely cost effective as there is no need to pay for recurring software licensing cost.


2. No need for Dedicated NVR servers

When you choose to use a decentralized CCTV camera platform, there is no need for a dedicated NVR or NAS VMS servers to manage and administer the video analysis used for counting of People or Object.
This is because the Surveillance camera is able to manage everything & perform the Megapixel video analysis independently within the camera


3. Automated Daily Monthly CSV Report

The CCTV camera is able to easily automate hourly, daily, weekly or monthly CSV report containing all the useful statistical data presented in a very detailed format.
This CSV report can be configured to be automatically sent out by the camera as an email  base on a specific schedule


4. Thermal Heat Map Report

The heat map report which offers a visual representation using different color codes to illustrate the variance in the frequency of people and object movement within the surveillance cameras field of view.
This is an extremely efficient means of determining which counting zones are experiencing the greatest intensity of traffic flow.

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