CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems is at the core of what our security consultants do at our Singapore offices in T3 Security Integration.
We offer a well-rounded range of both IP & Analog based CCTV solution which provides a Smart intuitive surveillance system intelligence, Operational efficiency and User convenience to the deployment of new security video surveillance.
The type of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance we provide includes;
● Wireless and  Solar powered CCTV solutions for remote site property surveillance applications to ensure a safe perimeter protection.
● PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Zoom Camera which allows you to see wide 360-degree all-around surveillance and Automatic motion tracking for maximum situational awareness of your place
● Multi-channel recorder DVRs and NVR recorders designed for a Decentralized footage log recording solutions
● Advance Video Analytics Software technology, which is internet connected for smart event-based search. Great for surveillance monitoring of large-scale events
● Viewing of live streaming from HD Megapixel cam vision images on a computer or mobile phone.
● Bullet Camera Weatherproof design and Low power consumption powered using PoE LAN wire cable accessories
● Integration with indoor and outdoor Warning alarm to pro-actively protect and deter possible crime & intrusion
● Infrared Camera with Night Thermal Vision to ensure no details or incident events are hidden from capture
● CCTV integrated with Access card control system which is triggered to record during detection of specific pre-defined events


A True Technical Innovator in Integrated Surveillance System Solutions 

T3 Security Integration is a leading end-to-end CCTV security camera recording equipment & solutions provider. We pride ourselves as one of the leading technical product innovators in the area of integrated digital solutions for CCTV security camera system.
With over a Decade of experience and hard earned reputation in the CCTV camera systems industry, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialist and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet the security surveillance needs and use requirements of all end clients no matter the time & cost constraint is or how technically challenging the set of requirement is.


Your Trusted Integrated CCTV Solutions Vendor

We work closely with the leading camera products and brands that we have used for a long time, such as HikVision, DaHua, and Mobotix to offer high tech CCTV surveillance monitoring cameras and DVR & NVR recording solutions.
This makes it possible for us to cater to customers in both Commercial business and Residential home surveillance monitor projects
Over the years in the industry with clients, we have earned a reputation as the preferred security solutions partner that you can Trust and able to Rely on to get a free professional consultation and sales support services.
We are committed to provide and install the best proactive security protection to allow it to act as a layer of security safeguard your assets and safety.

Overview of the components in a Standard typical CCTV Camera Solutions Systems 

This can range from a simple CCTV camera for indoor surveillance to a Full HD weather-proof IP Camera, which can be independently powered by a Solar panel for deployment in harsh outdoor locations.
Our standard CCTV camera has a minimum video High Definition HD resolution ranging from 720 Pixels to 1080 Pixels (2 Megapixels Full HD). This ensures that every visual detail captured in each frame of the video data/footage is crystal clear.


AHD CCTV camera plays a central pivotal role in CCTV video surveillance applications. In terms of video footage quality, it is able to capture image quality which is more detailed and with a much broader field of coverage than typical resolution CCTV cameras systems available in the market.
Depending on your specific technical & specification requirement, we have a broad array of different HD formats network cameras that you can choose from.

1. IP CCTV Camera (IPC)

● Unparalleled real-time video imaging quality with up to 6MP ● 8-32mm Motorized VF Lens (optional) ● Electronic image stabilization ● High PoE & 24 VAC power supply ● Smart auto-detection & Tracking

2. PTZ Dome Camera (Outdoor/ Indoor)

● Unparalleled real-time video imaging quality with up to 6MP ● 8-32mm Motorized VF Lens (optional) ● Electronic image stabilization ● High PoE & 24 VAC power supply ● Smart auto-detection & Tracking

3. Fisheye Network Camera

● 360-degree Panoramic view
● up to 4000×3072 resolution, 20fps
● Onboard hardware de-warping support
● Audio/Alarm IO
● Smart detection
● People counting


4. Analog CCTV Camera

● Our newest High definition Analog (AHD) CCTV cameras can support quality video capture with resolutions up to 3MP, 4MP, 5MP.
● All this can be achieved using pre-existing coaxial cable without the need to deploy new cable.


5. Bullet (Outdoor/Indoor, IR/non-IR)

● Heat Mapping Analytics
● ePTZ control, up to 1600×1600 resolution
● Weatherproof (IP66) & Vandal proof (-V)
● Triple power supply
● Auto back focus


6. Box Camera


● Full HD High definition 1080p, 4096 x 2160 resolution
● P-Iris Optional
● Full smart feature-set
● Stereo audio sampling
● Onboard storage support


7. Network Video Recorder (NVR, Embedded)

● Compatible with all major brands of smart CCTV IP cameras and PoE Network Switch available in the market today. It features a Simplified and Intuitive Event search & playback process of video footage to save time.

● Smart tool for automatic Video quality diagnosis


5. Bullet (Outdoor/Indoor, IR/non-IR)


● DVR with a range of channel configuration, such as 4, 8 or 16 channels
● Smart backup to ensure secure storage of video footage data captured



1. Time Attendance System

CCTV Surveillance Solutions


2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

Access Control Solutions


4. Time Attendance Software

Security Management Software


About Us

T3 Security Integration is a Leading Security Solutions Provider in Singapore. We Help Clients in Various Commercial and Residential Projects with a Focus on Integration, Reliability & Cost Effectiveness.


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1. Improved Business Efficiency

Real-Time Security Situational Awareness

Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

Security Information Management

Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

3. Accountability & Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Security Policies

Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

4. Integration with Payroll

Safeguard Your Organization Safety & Security

Ensure safety and security of your employees by mitigating operational exposure to workplace security risk factors.

5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Pro-actively deter Risk of Intrusion and Threats from both your Internal and External operational environments.

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring

24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

buddy punching

Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

Full suite of Smart VMS Video analytics Feature set

Some of the Advanced CCTV Video management functions include:


1. Online-based Remote Video Viewing AccessibilityCCTV Systems

If you need video access from Mobile Client, we can do a Remote viewing integration to your CCTV camera system. This offers you the convenience of mobile accessibility from wherever you are, with the simple use of a web-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Live Mobile Video Streaming via iOS and Andriod Applications

Our remote video viewing Mobile Phone Application supports both iOS & Android operating environment, and Support 2-way audio, giving you full 100% remote surveillance oversight over your business premises and Assets.


2. Intelligent Video Footage Search & Playback  

Searching for video segment of specific event of interest can be easily accomplished by our smart Timeline-based video search interface, which intuitively allows for a faster playback when no significant milestone events are occurring.
This allows the user to save precious time which would otherwise be spent on speeding through lengthy uncritical video footage. This is helpful in assisting the gathering of video evidence in the event of a security investigation


3. Smart Window Display Management

We have the capability to do Video signal integration of CCTV solutions with a High-definition (HD) Video Wall display with intuitive Video Window jointing. This helps to improve overall Operational Efficiency of building security management.


4. Smart & Secure Backup of Video Data 

A large-scale deployment involving hundreds of CCTV camera on average can track literally thousands of security events. This event can consist of both Real and False alarms.
With our smart video monitoring solution from T3 Security Integration, it empowers security professionals to effectively and easily monitor important events in critical locations.
Our video management system (VMS) can perform selective video backup of critical milestone events to save on limited hard-disk storage space.

Smart CCTV Surveillance Video Capture Solution

Base on your unique video surveillance and security needs, our integrated CCTV surveillance system is configurable for specific auto-capture scenarios, such as


1. Intrusion Detection

Automatic Event-triggered Video & Image capture feature. This can be triggered either by integration with peripheral devices, (such as Access control door locks, doorbells, or PIR motion detection sensors) or through intelligent video analytics, where an alarm can be Auto triggered when a particular subject appeared on a virtually predefined surveillance area.
Examples for such an application of event-triggered Video recording is when a vehicle commits a traffic parking offense by parking at an unauthorized no parking zone.


2. Biometric Face Recognition

   (eg. To verify the identity of occupants within building against a preexisting database to pro-actively prevent unauthorized intrusion)


3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) 


4. Line Crossing

(Our CCTV monitoring solutions can be configured to automatically start recording base on using a specific event trigger desired, such as when a person crosses into a designated line.)


5. Smart Tracking

For video surveillance tracking of moving subjects in motion, our PTZ CCTV systems have the capability to intelligently adjust to follow moving people and vehicles


Comprehensive Range of CCTV Surveillance Solutions to Suit Every Security Needs & Budget 

We have a wide range of CCTV surveillance options available to suit almost all budgets and functional applications. This allows us to cater to the security surveillance demands at all segments of the security market, from simple indoor security surveillance for a Small-scale commercial office to Large-scale surveillance deployment projects spanning across multiple remote outdoor site locations.
From a simple surveillance monitoring deployment to large-scale deployment of sophisticated surveillance and security systems.
When you choose T3 Security Integration, you can be sure to enjoy the highest standards in video capture quality and industry-leading surveillance technology that is durable and designed to perform.


Fast Deployment of CCTV Solution

At T3 Security Integration, we make it a point to have our own in-house team of specializedFingerprint Access Control System CCTV technicians.
This allows us to ensure a quick turn around time lead time.
In addition, as all our CCTV engineers are highly Experienced and professionally trained, we are able to maintain the high workmanship quality of all CCTV surveillance projects entrusted to us.


CCTV Maintenance Services 

Our experienced CCTV engineers can help to diagnose common surveillance technical issues such as Video Loss, automatic Restarting of DVR, Non-detection of Data storage Hard Disk, Poor resolution of Video Footage Captured.


CCTV Upgrade Services

If you have a pre-existing legacy CCTV Surveillance system installed currently, we also offer professional Upgrading an overhaul of our customer’s CCTV security systems

Modern Integrated Video Surveillance | Intelligent, Efficient, Convenient

T3 Security integration offers complete end-to-end CCTV System solutions. Beyond from Security Video surveillance, we can customize our CCTV Monitoring systems to perform a broad range of advanced functionalities base on your organization’s specific security needs. Our highly advanced integrated video surveillance solution is adaptable for small, medium, and large deployment.


Easy Integration with 3rd-party Security Surveillance  Systems 

Through the adoption of a seamlessly integrated video surveillance technology with an existing security system, it can help to maximize security and safety.
Below following are some Specific areas where the integration of CCTV Systems can be applied.


Applications of CCTV solutions are used in a wide range of key Industry Vertical, such as in 

● Hotels
● Building Facilities Management
● Logistics & Supply Chain
● Retail
● Manufacturing Industry
● Transportation Port
● Financial institutions and Banks


1. Commercial Office Building Surveillance

CCTV systems offer building security with unparalleled Business intelligence on daily building operations.


Integration with Intrusion Detection Alarm System (Thermal Camera)

Our CCTV system can be easily custom integrated with either Wired or Wireless Security Alarm System, commonly used in office buildings, retail shopping malls, Schools & Universities, and factory manufacturing plants.
For a unparalleled visual surveillance, we offer 360-degree Panoramic CCTV solutions with resolutions ranging from 12MP, 6MP, 4MP, and 3MP. Options for Hardware and Software de-warping of 360-degree video capture can be implemented on Live video panel.


Integration with Lobby Visitor Management System 

● 140dB industrial-leading ultra-wide dynamic viewing range
● Triple lighting filter exposure technology feature
● Thermal Imaging with IR Range of up to 200m
For biometric face recognition applications, you may select AHD megapixel CCTV cameras that support resolutions of up to 1080p+.


Integration with Access Control Systems

We are also offering customized system integration services with the digital Access control system.
This includes access control hardware such as


1. Digital Door Access Control Lock
It is cross compatible with digital access control lock system using highly secure authentication methods such as RFID Card (13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire, DESFIRE Evolution 1, Pico pass),  Pin code, and Biometric Credential authentication (eg. Fingerprint, Finger Vein, and Face Recognition).
Such integrated CCTV system deployment is popularly used in Commercial office buildings, Schools, and Manufacturing Facilities.


2. Barrier Gates control Turnstile
Our extensive range CCTV solutions can be integrated with Turnstile gate (IL) access control systems to provide additional visual surveillance of the building entrance for an additional layer of security measure.


2. Audio Video Intercom systems

WiFi audio video Intercom suitable for use in the residential home (Condominiums, Bungalows), Commercial Office Spaces, Retail Shops


2. Integration with Car park Management System (Indoor & Outdoor)

We have in the recent years seen an increase in demand for deployment of integrated CCTV systems in both Outdoor and Indoor carparks in Singapore.


Car park Surveillance for Detecting Parking Offense

Car park surveillance is useful for many security reasons, such as
1. Detection of parking offenses, such as vehicles parked in illegal no-parking zones
2. Detection of Tailgating of vehicles trying to avoid paying parking fees
3. Pro-active detection of attempts at theft or vandalism.
At T3 Security Integration, we are able to deploy integrated car park surveillance solutions with Smart PTZ Tracking of moving vehicles, as well as Auto motion detection capabilities for an event-triggered video capture. For such applications, we recommend HD Camera with 23x long-range optical zoom for long-range surveillance coverage.
Collection of video footage evidence from client centers can be performed easily via access to an automated record of vehicle entry in a specific time period


3. Integration with Vehicle Barrier Access system

Our CCTV systems are able to integrate with existing car park barrier system via an integration linkage interface. This allows you to enhance the Security Management of your Car park Entrance.


Automatic License Plate Recognition ALPR (or ANPR)

The integrated CCTV camera system has advanced features such as Automatic License plate recognition ALPR (or ANPR) for an automated recognition and authentication of vehicle plate license number. In addition, the integrated CCTV camera is able to perform Automatic Vehicle Image capturing.


Vehicle Black/White List Management

Integration with Vehicle Management system for an integrated Vehicle list management functionality. This for Black/White list management, which allows for automatic triggering of Alarm alert in the event that a blacklisted vehicle is detected by the system.
For nighttime surveillance monitoring of outdoor carpark entrances, Night Thermal Imaging IP CCTV Cameras with IR Range of up to 200m is recommended as it offers Superior light compensation for Ultra low light imaging capability.


4. Warehouse Asset Security Protection

With a perimeter surveillance systems using CCTV camera systems with Full HD 1080p imaging resolution, you are now able to visually monitor your premises for detection of any security incidences of intrusion.


Thermal Heat Mapping for Night Visibility  

For Ultra low light imaging at night, you can have the option to use Outdoor thermal PTZ cameras, we are able to offer Superior light compensation. (*For standard surveillance deployment for intrusion detection, we recommend CCTV Cameras equipped with 7-33mm/F0.95 Lens with consistent F-stop)


5. Fire Safety Management

Enjoy seamless CCTV Integration with Fire alarm management system & Fire Control Centre (FCC) Video Wall for a 360 building-wide visual situational awareness


Alarm Emergency Management

Enables security management operator to take timely action in an event of emergency evacuation to address security events & enable swift deployment of resources in response to a security incident.


6. Retail Store Surveillance

Point-of-Sales (POS) systems monitoring
Loss prevention efforts at Retail stores can be strengthened through the surveillance monitoring of company staff and payment transaction at retail POS. This helps to deter any employee shop thefts or shoplifting.
For better tracking of store foot-traffic, our CCTV systems can also perform People counting to provide actionable insights on shopper behavior trends. This allows the store to better optimize the allocation of staffing resources and plan the placement of product.

Difference between Day and Night Camera Technologies

What are the technological differences in capturing capabilities of Day and Night camera cameras? lately, we have been getting this queries from clients in various variations frequently.
Presently in the Surveillance camera market, there are IP single lens cameras which offer the capability to automatically change and adapt between day (color) and night (black-white) CCTV imaging functions.
Another viable option to address the requirement for both an effective day & night imaging is to use a Dual lens cameras


1. Day Camera (Single Lens)

Keep in mind that the latest sophisticated Moonlight technology incorporated into today’s Day CCTV cameras means that we are able to capture color footage in much poorer lighting conditions.
Although a day camera can easily record color video footage in the daytime, it cannot process infrared (IR) light. Because of this, a Day Camera is not suitable for night time surveillance operations, as deploying an assistive Infrared lighting cannot be is not an option


Moonlight sensor Technology 

To address the poor video imaging quality during low-light situations, newer day cameras available in the market currently have integrated moonlight sensor technology.
This provides enormous improvements to the video capturing ability of Day CCTV even when operating using color sensors


2. Night Time Camera (Single Lens) 

For Surveillance installation environment locations where the overall lighting is extremely restricted, particularly at night, we would still recommend that you select a Night Black-and-white camera.
A single lens black-and-white camera generally operates much better in poor lighting conditions as the Night imaging sensor is that it’s able to detect all light in each pixel.
This allows the Black and white Night camera to capture superb video quality which is useful for Video monitoring  such as
1. Capturing minute Facial features on People
2. Car license Number plates
* Do note that as a night camera records video images which are in monochrome, you will not be able to detect important marking colors such as Tattoos Color, Shirt Color or Colors of vehicles.


3. Dual lens Day / Night Camera

Alternatively, if your budget allows, you could go with the day/night dual-lens camera, which is fitted with both a color and black-and-white image sensor and so can switch the video between color and black-and-white automatically according to the available light levels but without moving parts
A Dual lens Day and Night camera or a Single lens black-and-white camera is recommended for CCTV deployment where the Surveillance monitoring is operated at a place which has
– Generally poor natural ambient lighting available for most of the time
– Lack of artificial lighting to assist the colored video capturing

Importance of Selecting Carefully between a Day camera & Night Camera

When choosing and purchasing the right Surveillance solutions, it is critical to fully understand all the environmental factors that impact recording and imaging quality so just keep that in mind.
Keeping in mind the pros & cons when making a decision between a Day camera (Color) vs Night camera (black-and-white), it is also crucial to understand the operating environment under which the Surveillance is being executed.


Surveillance Operating Environment

Your specific surveillance environment and the CCTV imaging capabilities have to be thoroughly considered prior to committing on a deciding on whether to choose a Single lens Day camera or a single lens Night camera
As a professional Security systems integrator firm, we always advise our customers  to not choose a Day color camera by default and to give it some careful review before making a decision


Which One to Choose? 

Over the years, we have realized a lot of end customers who did research on their independently end up purchasing a CCTV solution that is incompatible with the needs of their surveillance applications.
To prevent making a wrong financial purchase decision on a particular CCTV monitoring solution, we strongly advise that you consult with our expert CCTV technician before buying any surveillance camera systems.


How does a Day-Night Single Lens Camera Work?

Today, most major manufacturers of IP cameras available in the market offers a single lens camera with Day-Night functionality.
Its internal design consists of a color image sensor with a built-in internal mechanical infrared cut filter placed on top of it. When there’s sufficient ambient lighting, the IR cut filter remains open over the image sensor, therefore enabling visible light to come through, enabling the color spectrum to be captured a high-quality color image.


Switching to Nighttime Recording

However, when the lighting level falls below a certain level, the IR cut filter moves away from the colored image sensor and allows infrared or invisible light to come through and the Surveillance Camera switches to black and white video recording mode


Importance of the Reliability of Remote Surveillance Cameras

The reliability of the camera is particularly crucial if you need to deploy a Surveillance camera in a rural or challenging to get to the position, where it’s too costly to deploy a service technician for technical maintenance.
Selecting a robust, low maintenance CCTV camera with no moving mechanism guarantee that it will predictably function for many years without having to worry about requiring maintenance or unexpected technical failures.


Disadvantages of Conventional Mechanical IR cut filter

Having dealt with a lot of different manufacturers of night CCTV cameras as a System Integrator, we have observed that such mechanical IR cut filter are usually the first things that wear out or breakdown without warning.
Having mechanical moving components in a Surveillance camera design can be very unreliable as the mechanical nature of the design tends to reduce its overall durability and raises the likelihood of malfunction.
This means that regular technical maintenance may be necessary over the years of operation.

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