Confined Area RFID Tracking

Looking for a seamless visitor experience in your organisation’s premises? Our Confined Area RFID Tracking system could be the right solution for you – Automating the entire process of visitor registration and improved security by quick and accurate identification within your premises.

RFID technology has been widely used by many industries to track assets and personnel. Assets and personnel can be tagged using passive tags and gantry readers installed at entry/exit points where there is a large traffic movement of personal and assets. RFID Tracking can be used for both indoor and outdoor tracking, and is more cost effective compared to portable GPS Trackers, for a large workforce. 

With over a decade of experience and hard-earned reputation, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialists and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet your safety management measures and needs, no matter the time and cost constraint are or how technically challenging the set of requirements is.

Key benefits

1. Multi-purpose solution

Track your employees’ movement and visitor entry of up to 20,000 tag labels on-board memory for each gantry detection. It can be used as a crowd control during events, to track the number of guest and time stamp. 

2. Efficient and safeguard your organisation
  • Receive alerts on perimeter breach
  • Analyse visitor patterns within the facility
  • You need real time location monitoring
  • Have enhanced emergency evacuation accountability
Confined Area RFID Tracking

Design & Features

  • Personnel walking through the Detection Gantry will trigger the RFID antenna reader to read a tag label.
  • The tag label shall be pasted inside the front top of the helmet.
  • The tag label read will be sent to the access controller in the Detection Gantry. A valid access will trigger a GREEN indicator, where an invalid access will trigger a RED indicator.
  • All transactions (7,000 FIFO) will be stored in the access controller locally within each Detection Gantry if the network link to the main PC is not possible.
  • The access controller will be linked to a wireless access point so that real-time transactions can also be viewed at the main PC in the site office via a series of wireless access points (depending on site coverage).
  • Detection Gantry can be named and grouped into zones and shown on a floor plan map in software.
  • These zones can be further classified into mustering zones so that counters of each zones can be realized.
  • Each Detection Gantry is bi-directional.
  • Each Detection Gantry’s access controller can store up to 20,000 tag labels on-board memory.

Information of each tag can be captured in the software, such as Name, Department, Valid From, Valid To Dates, Advanced Fields for other information like Company, SIC date, designation, etc


Main Equipment

RFID Main Equipment overview

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