Door Access Control System

Door Access Control System is popular among building management and offices in Singapore for providing a reliable form of access control security. It

 is the combination of digital hardware and software that electronically manages the physical access to entry entrances of a secure building facility. The objective of installing this is to manage and selectively give access for authorized personnel to specific areas on a predefined schedule while tracking attendance.

For many years, traditional locks and keys have been used as a predominant method of access control to restrict entry access into office facilities and to safeguard assets & properties. This potentially allows the keys to fall in the wrong hands while exposing the company to the risk of illegal entry intrusion, and theft of company assets. Moreover, it does not have the capability to control precisely which time or day when the keys can be used. Door Access Control System takes care all of these security shortfalls by replacing mechanical locks with intelligently managed system devices.

Since day one, our core mission has been to democratize the accessibility of Door Access Control System solutions and bring access control to as many doors as possible in Singapore. We have since grown and channel our efforts on offering a total security systems solution that is integrated and tailored to our clients. As security been recognized and prioritized, we have seen a steady growth in demand for Door Access Control System and locking solutions in a range of Commercial building premises, such as Hotels, Student Hostels, and Airport terminals.

Key benefits

1. Integration with 3rd party Access Control System
Multiple key connector options,  which enables it to be able to easily interface with practically any pre-installed 3rd party systems such as Time Attendance Tracking System or CCTV Vidoe Surveillance System.
2. Adaptable to Your Security Access Control Needs
Option of switching off the system during special events where there is a huge influx of crowd. While on typical day-to-day operations, it can be turned back on for secured security.
3. Fast & Easy User Enrollment
Administration and enrollment of uses into Door Access Control System is clear-cut and centrally based. Initial user enrollment process can be completed within seconds with the option to enrol fingerprint impressions.
4. User-Friendly Operation
Easy to setup and fully scalable and can be seamlessly deployed from one to hundreds of bio credential authenticated building access points.
Door Access Control System

Design & Features

Types of Door Access Control System Available

Seamlessly combine and converge all 3 systems (Hardwired, Wire-free and Wireless) into an integrated system that best serves your organisation’s daily operational requirements. Combine and Converge all 3 types of systems,
Door Access System
ie. Hardwired, Wire-free and Wireless into an integrated system that best serves with your organization’s daily operational requirements.


1. Hardwired Access Control

A Hardwired access control systems offer the best reliability and security as we can be almost 100% sure that it will always work without fail, however, note that such an access control deployment requires costly hardwiring cabling. Such hardwired system is suitable for access doors in the building premises where you need full, real-time high security. Typically in a building, such a system is only implemented on a small percentage of doors. Implementing Hardwired access control solution can be a challenge when you have 700 doors, this is where a wire-free or Wireless access control solution is a viable consideration.


2. Wire-free Access Control System

Data on card system is a Wire-Free access control system which is different from a Wireless access control system. It is driven by a virtual network of a physical card which is used as an element to store and carry the access control credential data. Such wire-free systems which leverage on the data on card technology is suitable for most access control doors used daily.

Although there is small delay time, it is a very powerful security access system as the access cards can be regularly updated with the latest current access rights profile data.
Using this data on card virtual networking system, you are able to have an audit trail to track
1. Location of the door which was accessed
2. Specific entry access events, such as whitelist, blacklist, denied entry, failed entry attempts
3. The operational status of Locks (eg. Low battery, faulty functions)
Such Data on card systems are suitable for most normal office building doors. They are extremely easy to install as you don’t have to worry about account physical wires or wireless Radio transmitters. We believe that the Data on card systems is here to stay and has a lot of potential Commercial and Residential security applications.


3. Wireless Access Control System

These days, wireless access control has undergone significant evolution and is a very popular option because of the real-time data available on their access control management dashboard. This audit trail enables security administrators to know where the staff is during actual movement.

Wireless access control systems are suitable for doors where you require real-time control and monitoring. Such a wireless system is integrated with a radio transmitter, it enables the access lock is to be wirelessly linked to the online/wireless network.
An access control lock solution is manageable in real-time, where you can see real-time status such as
1. Monitor access events (eg. Openings of the doors)
2. Delete cards access rights in real-time through the access control management software

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