Facial Temperature Detection System

Requires a facial temperature system for your business premises or residential common area where there will be an large influx of traffic and crowd? Our system can effectively help users manage access rights and monitor body temperature status, help prevent epidemics. 

Keep the community safe and free from any invisible threats. As part of the mandatory safe measures implemented by the government, there is an increasing usage of thermal detection to enjoy healthy safety in workplaces and public areas. This address the market needs of increasing use of thermal detection to ensure health safety in workplaces and public areas.

With over a decade of experience and hard-earned reputation, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialists and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet your safety management measures and needs, no matter the time and cost constraint are or how technically challenging the set of requirements is.

Key benefits

1. Easy configuration and setup
Can be configured either as a crowd deployment setup or mount to a desktop together with a visitor management system. Easy to install, minimal hardware equipment and simple to operate.
2. AI Algorithm features
Track and detect multiple people at once, with optimal detection distance up to 3m distance away. It provides high accuracy of ≤0.3ºC. temperature, allowing a fast and contactless entry for visitors. It is an ideal solution for monitoring body temperatures at entrances to events, transport hubs and buildings. 
3. Reliable and efficient solution

Automated system to reduce the possibility of incorrect temperature screening and minimize risk spread. Temperature readings and user data can be stored within a compatible visitor management system.

Facial Temperature Detection System

Design & Features

Our facial temperature detection system uses thermal and optical bi-spectrum network camera, which is capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement, to within +/- 0.3 degree Celsius. The camera features a built-in AI algorithm for multi-people measurements up to a distance of 3m, enabling fast and contactless access and measurement.

Deployment type:

1) System Flow A (Crowd Deployment)

2) System Flow B (Visitor Management System – Desktop Mount)

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