Flap Barrier

Flap Barrier turnstile System is a popularly deployed by companies in Singapore. It is a fast acting bi-directional entry access Flap Barriercontrol barrier system with 2 bi-parting clear Flap panel barriers that open up a clear passage by receding into its pedestal body.
The robust mechanical design of this flap barrier Turnstile gate is especially suitable for providing a Reliable and Fast access control clearance for high-frequency usage and heavy human traffic flow with minimum supervise observation.


Enhanced Building Security with Safe & Reliable Barrier Access Control Solution

Especially in today’s constantly evolving and Uncertain security landscape, having a robust security has never been more important to safeguard company’s assets and employee life safety.
Similar to a Swing gate turnstile, Speedgate, or Drop Arm Barrier, this Half height turnstile is commonly used in areas such as Metro subway stations, Custom immigration check-point, Worker Dormitory Facilities, Manufacturing Plant and school, and Airport etc.
If you have a higher security requirement for your facilities, we also offer a Wide range of turnstiles such as Full Height Turnstiles, Tripod Turnstile, Drop Arm Barrier, and Speedgate.


About T3 Security Integration

T3 Security Integration is Singapore’s leading technical innovator and Specialist in Turnstile Barriers access control Solutions that is Cost effective and economical. We offer an end-to-end turnstiles deployment services, from initial stage system design, Actual field deployment, and After-sales Technical support.


Our Commitment to Our Clients

At T3 Security Integration, we are committed to building a long-term business relationship with our clients, by offering High Quality & Cost Effective Flap Barrier access control solutions that is Cost-effective and incorporates them with the latest current security technology.


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T3 Security Integration is a Leading Security Solutions Provider in Singapore. We Help Clients in Various Commercial and Residential Projects with a Focus on Integration, Reliability & Cost Effectiveness Implementation.


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1. Improved Business Efficiency

Real-Time Security Situational Awareness

Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

Security Information Management

Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

3. Accountability & Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Security Policies

Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

4. Integration with Payroll

Safeguard Your Organization Safety & Security

Ensure safety and security of your employees by mitigating operational exposure to workplace security risk factors.

5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Pro-actively deter Risk of Intrusion and Threats from both your Internal and External operational environments.

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring

24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

Features & Benefits of Flap Barrier Turnstile Solution


1. Integration with Existing Access Control Systems 

Depending on your operational security needs, the Flap barrier gate turnstile can either work as a stand-alone unit or function as part of an integrated access control system.
The Flap Barriers integrable with various Access Control reader Interfaces such as;
1. Biometric (Facial, Fingerprint, Finger Vein recognition)/ Proximity/ Magnetic Smart card, Printed Barcodes or PIN code Access System
2. Wireless Remote Control of Flap barrier for a convenient manual override
3. Access Push Button Activation for easy control
4. Coin or Token Acceptor for Ticketed entry
5. Collection Visitor identification Card issued back into the system
6. Time & Attendance Tracking of Staff
7. People Counter


2. Personal Safety Feature

As a safety feature to protect against accidental mechanical clamping injury, the motor mechanism will automatically disengage when the Flap barriers encounter a physical obstruction with the pedestrian during closing after the personnel entry movement.


Wheelchair Accessibility

Options such as safety beams can be added to each entry lanes to cater for safe access by children and wheelchair-bound personnel.


Full Height Flap Barriers

For higher security, you can have the option to use a High Flap panel to deter against illegal intrusion via personnel crawling underneath or scaling over the barrier on both sides.


3. Bi-Directional Flap Panel Barriers Mechanism

Internally, both the Flap barriers are operated by a DC drive mechanism controlled by a microprocessor control system, which offers many integration capabilities with other pre-existing access control system, Entry Payment ticketing authentication.
In addition, the electronic control guarantees a precise movement and placement of the wings to ensure a quick unhindered passage for a heavy foot traffic flow.

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