Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstiles gates are often deployed by buildings in Singapore when it is necessary to reliably protect against illegitimate intrusion attempts and enhance the facilities access control security.
At T3 Security integration, we have over 10 years of experience dealing with turnstile physical security projects, where we have successfully helped clients to implement an effective pedestrian entrance access control solution, such as Swing gates, Flap Barriers, Drop Arm Barrier, and Speedgates.
This includes implementing turnstile solutions in highly secured and guarded sites like Military defense facilities, Law enforcement Correctional facilities, Industrial Manufacturing plants, Recreational Sports stadiums, and Theaters.
Turnstile gate access control, also known as pedestrian entrance control, is a means or method for metering or controlling personnel that is entering a building facility or campus premises.
Full height Turnstile gates, in particular, are often used to help execute various access control functionality, such as
1. Manage and Regulate the stream of inbound human traffic
2. Safeguard building facilities from unauthorized person access
3. Control exit and entrance movement of personnel
Full Height Turnstile

Features & Benefits of Full Height Turnstile Gate


1. Providing A Correct level of Security

In most cases, it is sufficient to install a Waist level Half height turnstiles, such as tripods turnstile, Box turnstiles, or Speed gates.
However, for restricted high-security buildings, it requires the installation of a full height turnstile. They not only just fully block the passage but can also work in lock chamber mode in the event that an emergency security lockdown of the premises is required.


Anti-Climb Canopy 

Installation of a canopy can deter against the intruder from attempting to climb over the turnstile barriers.


Prevent Transferring of Access Credentials 

The design of a full height turnstile also ensures that access privileges are granted only for one person by preventing the illegitimate transferring and sharing of the access control credential ID card.


2. Integrated Turnstile Access Control Functionality

Generally, the turnstile access control is operationally integrated with the access control system.
In a standard turnstile configuration, the housing unit is equipped with identity credential authentication devices (such as an RFID proximity card reader) which operates with a sliding physical barrier to ensure only one entry is allowed per ID authentication.
The mechanical turnstiles and Pedestrian Entrance Controls (PECs) are in many ways functionally similar to the access control doors in a standard security access control system design.


Integration with Visitor Management System

Typically in a standard access control configuration, Proximity access control readers are used for the authentication of employees and vendors.
For the authentication of visitors, we are able to incorporate other special authentication readers into our turnstile  such as
– Barcode insertion reader – For reading barcodes generated by the visitor management system
– NFC readers – For authentication using a cell phone


3. Security Enhanced Entry Detection for Unmanned Entrance Lobby 

For front desk reception which is unattended, where the security staff is positioned physically far away, a high-security access management of the person entry and exit movement is usually needed. Although there might be CCTV surveillance cameras on the turnstile lanes and the security personnel are unable to react in a swift manner and handle in the situation there is a tailgating attempt or a situation of a denied access of an illegitimate person.
Our turnstile has extended cabinets built-in for integration with electronic hardware for enhanced entry and exit detection if needed.


Smart Anti-Tailgate Features

Built-in smart optical beam sensors enable the turnstile gates to detect, register and ensure that only one person is granted physical access in each entry access session.
In addition, Smart detection sensors built into the pedestrian entrance control systems also ensure that large items, such as trolleys or luggage bag carried by visitors don’t trigger a false alarm of tailgating attempts.


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Common Applications Turnstiles in Diverse Industries

Turnstile is commonly used in a variety of industry verticals which needs the controlling of the pedestrian movement direction at Entry and Exit lanes so as to ensure the human traffic moves in the right direction and don’t move back.
It is installed at security desks in many building facilities such as Governmental facilities, Universities & Educational Facilities, Banks, Medical Hospitals, and Sports & Entertainment centers
Turnstile access control barriers have improved quite a bit since the early days and its designs have become evolved to more effectively regulate and meter in access of only one person at any a time into the building facility such as Stadium, Concert Theatre or to any place that required an paid admission fee.


Transportation Industry

Having a turnstile also helps to ensure all passengers have a valid ticket or boarding pass. In recent times, we have noticed an increase in popularity of turnstile in various Transportation centers, Train stations and Airport hubs where it is used for managing the direction of the people leaving the facility.
The effective entrance access control functionality offered by turnstiles has many applications such as;


1. Human Traffic Management

Management of a large number of human traffic movement in a building facility (eg. Residential, Commercial Office, Recreational, and Transportation)


2. Safeguarding of Company Assets

Having a turnstile helps to Restrict and Control entry and exit movement of people in Corporate buildings facilities or Regulatory environment where Sensitive financial data, public security information is stored.
We have worked with customers who are in industries which are highly classified in nature, such as Health-care & Health Insurance field, which is regularly subjected to stringent security checks.
Due to the large volumes of highly sensitive private client and patient health information that they are responsible for maintaining, it’s highly a high priority to make sure that that private information is safeguarded securely inside those buildings.


3. Deter Threat of Workplace Violence

To minimize the risk of Workplace violence or Situation of Domestic violence threats coming into the workplace and undermining the safety of workers


4. Deter Threat of Terrorism

To serve as a measure to deter against Acts of terrorism, which can happen in any place and any time. Having a turnstile access control can help to make sure that every person entering the building is authorized and has a valid reason to gain access to the company facility.

Importance of a Holistic Access Control Implementation Strategy

For a comprehensive and holistic deployment of a turnstile solution for effective entrance access control at an organizational level, it needs the consensus of various key stakeholders within the company who are closely involved in driving the Buying decisions, Budget allocation, and Schedule time-line as well as the defining the Design process and Technical specifications.
This includes functions such as
● Security staff
● HR – to ensure alignment of turnstile operation with the company daily operation procedures
● IT – for facilitating discussion on network connectivity of the turnstile lanes to the building IT infrastructure
● Building Facilities & Fire safety supervisor – The security staff are usually at the core of making the final decision on security
● Building Architect – To ensure aesthetic consistency of entrance architectural design
We recommend you to speak to one of our security consultants or integrators so as to help you make a better decision when selecting a turnstile.


Throughput and Passage Width

Throughput and passage width are critical factors when choosing a turnstile gate. The throughput is calculated according to Peak load at the security front desk.
The passage width of the Turnstile lanes influences the convenience and comfort of the user experience.
* For example, Tripod generally has a narrower passage width and throughput (persons per minute) in contrast to Speed gate, which has a wider passage width, and higher throughput.

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