Guard Tour System

Guard tour system is used by many Security Agency in Singapore to play a critical security system software driven role in the efficientGuard Tour System managing your their security guard patrol daily operations as they walk through each of the checkpoints in the patrol route.
This security guard checkpoint monitoring system product consists of a handheld RFID data reader which the security guard has to carry around to scan & read each of the designated checkpoints to record, verify and reports their actual points along the patrol route walked.
The guard tour report generated allows the support of security officer management company to accurately monitor patrols and operate more efficiently through the use of a small team of security guards.


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Guard Tour System

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4. Time Attendance Software

Security Management Software

1. Time Attendance System

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4. Time Attendance Software

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Dynamic Nature of the Security Patrol Operations

In recent years, we have witnessed the expansion of new work roles and services performed of security guards and perimeter protection officers to encompass scheduled assessment and inspection of Commercial Building site premises related job assignments in addition to their conventional day-to-day security guarding responsibilities.
This rising demands on the security guard agencies in-addition with the recent trend of manpower constraint in Singapore meant that man hours and time spent by guards in the manpower intensive security patrol operations urgently need to be managed using robust personnel tracking products and systems such as the security guard tour patrol system solution.

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1. Improved Business Efficiency

Real-Time Security Situational Awareness

Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

Security Information Management

Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

3. Accountability & Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Security Policies

Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

4. Integration with Payroll

Safeguard Your Organization Safety & Security

Ensure safety and security of your employees by mitigating operational exposure to workplace security risk factors.

5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Pro-actively deter Risk of Intrusion and Threats from both your Internal and External operational environments.

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring

24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

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