License Plate Recognition System

As a License Plate Recognition System solutions vendor in Singapore, T3 Security Integration position yourself in providing an end-License Plate Recognition Systemto-end and operationally reliable License Plate Recognition System which is targeted at helping car park facilities administrators using Electronic Parking System to automate your car park management operations.
We are a leading integrated security solutions company with years of successful operational track record in providing industry-leading and integrated surveillance solutions that meet your needs.
License Plate Recognition system provides a cost-effective vehicle entry and exit management solution for both new installed and pre-existing vehicle access controlling systems
It is an efficient ANPR system solution for managing vehicle Entries and Exits at various building facilities, such as
● Building with Gated communities, such as Schools, Hospitals, Day-care center, Nursing homes
● Residential Estates, such as Condominiums, Private landed properties
● Hotels, Hostel Accommodation with paid car parks
● Airports terminal paid car parks
● Shopping centers with heavy evening vehicle transit
● Parking facilities at remote Industrial zones
● High-security buildings areas, such as Government, Ministries, Embassy, Military installations, Correctional Facilities
● Corporate office parking facilities

Our Services

In addition to offering the Car Park Management System, we are an End-to-End Car Park Management solutions integrator, where our range of services includes:


1. Technical Consultation

This involves initial Conceptualization, Design of license plate recognition system operation workflow & layout, and defining the system technical specification. When designing the LPR system, we make sure that the technical specification of the camera systems used will be best suited for your specific license plate recognition application case.


2. Deployment & Integration

Actual on-site implementation (ie. Installation, Commissioning) of Car Park management systems


Easy Integration with 3rd Party Hardware

After the system connections are completed, everything is customizable to suit your unique project applications.
Due to of its open system architecture design, our LPR solution can conveniently integrate with various different types of 3rd-party car park management systems, such as
1. Video surveillance networks and CCTV Video management system
2. Automated Vehicle car park barrier systems
4. Traffic Signal lights
5. Electronic Parking System (EPS) ticket dispensers
6. Electronic Payment collection Modules


Expandable & Scalable ALPR Solution

The LPR system is expandable and can be easily scaled up for Large-scale projects which require concurrent ALPR license plate recognition capabilities at several multiple building sites. Examples of such multi-site implementation include Hotel Chains, & Car park networks.
This can be done by linking up additional ALPR devices to the existing network without the need for additional investment in costly and sophisticated installations infrastructure or hardware.


3. Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and Technical Repair of Car Park Management solutions

Features & Benefits of a License Plate Recognition System


1. Vehicle Management that is Swift, Secure & Automated

One of the greatest strengths of the implementation of an integrated License Plate Recognition System is that it offers a fast and automated management of granting vehicle entry access permission which also makes it be highly secure.
With the fast and reliable reading of the License plate recognition System, vehicles can be registered and gain smooth entry into the car parking facility almost without a need to come to an abrupt stationary stop.


2. Searchable Video Footage


Filtering by Date, Time & Location Stamps

The video footage of each and every vehicle entry event has its own unique time and location stamps, which is both image and text searchable for a quick and convenient retrieval at a later time.


Filtering by Event Occurrence

Video searching feature via event filtering can also be done by taking into considering several factors, such as the number of incoming visiting vehicles or a total number of available parking slots.


3. Automated Vehicle Statistics

Statistics data of vehicle movement can also be automatically tabulated and displayed base on the vehicle rear number plates
For example, the LPR system can present insightful statistics data, such as
1. Entry movements a specific vehicle on a Daily, Monthly, Quarterly basis
2. Total number of parking vehicles at a specific parking facility during a given Date and Time of interest.


4. Accurate Recognition Capabilities that Improves with Time

The video analytics and management software algorithm driving the ALPR system has a Smart Self-Learning capability that allows it to further improve its recognition accuracy base on utilizing the historical video data Captured after a period of field deployment.


Reliable License Plate Recognition

The license plate recognition ALPR system is robust enough to perform well in challenging conditions, such as
● Custom License plate with variations such as Non-standard Fonts, License plate Format that is rarely used, Multi-layers, Poor color contrast.
● Local and Foreign vehicles license plate (eg. from Foreign visitors or international Conference delegates)
● Outdoor environment with poor illumination and visibility conditions
● Partial blockage of License plate number by dirt, Scale, or Scene complexity.


5. Secure & Hierarchical Network Access Authorization

Although the ALPR system uses Internet network protocol for operational control and communication, the system architecture retains a high level of security secure with an encrypted data flow.
 All the various level of system hierarchical accesses can be fully configured during installation setup and later modified by an authorized administrator when the need arises.


6. LPR System that’s Easy to Install, Configure & Deploy

As the ALPR system is designed to be simple to configure, the process of setting up  the LPR system is extremely easy and doesn’t require the specialized any professional programmer or developer
At an administrator level, the ANPR system and software is easily configurable and expandable to adapt to evolving vehicle license plate surveillance challenges


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Application of License Plate Recognition System

The automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system can be deployed for a continuous 24/7 all day operations to perform various useful advanced surveillance monitoring application, such as


1. Illegal Parking Deterrence

Parking rules and regulation can be easily enforced by deploying the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/LPR) system to perform outdoor, Day & night surveillance in premises, such as Paid public car parks, roadsides, and in remote driving areas, etc..
This serves as an extremely effective deterrence against illegal traffic & parking offenses. Operationally, an LPR system also helps government, such as LTA, HDB, MHF to reduce dependency on law enforcement officers and other administrative resources.


Automated Event Triggered Recording with Time Stamp

When the LPR system detects vehicles parked in monitored areas, it can be programmed to record the occurrence of the incident and mark a time stamp of the illegal parking offense. At the same time, the LPR system can be configured to send warning notification message to the system administrator.


2. Automatic VIP Vehicle Identification 

Similar to a visitor management system (VMS), an LPR system can serve to recognize and highlight vehicle with car license plates that are whitelisted or belonging to a VIP visitor.
This helps to facilitate customer relationship management efforts at the company’s building entrance, which can go a long way in creating the right impression for any professional environment.


Automation to Solve Human Resource Constraints

In a scenario, where there is a constraint on manpower resource available, the ALPR system automatic numberplate plate detection & alert functionality allows front desk management to allocate available human resource more strategically/wisely.
In the event of a VIP arrival, the automatic alert notification from the ALPR system also allows/enables front desk service/reception staff to have more response time to prepare and make the necessary arrangements.


3. Automated Vehicle Access Control via Number Plate recognition Authentication 

Uninitiated users like hotel guests residents also benefit from the reliable vehicle authentication capabilities of the License Plate Recognition (LPR) System as it is capable of visually recognizing various license plate format under poor visibility conditions.
Upon a successful License plate recognition, the system can be configured to permits personal access to the vehicle. For an added layer of security identity credential authentication, a long range (UHF) RFID antenna can be used to wirelessly communicate with a pre-issued RFID proximity ID card or the In-vehicle Unit (IU).


Dual Access Control Authentication

In addition to using vehicle license plate numbers as a form of authentication, customized access control permissions may be set for specific conditions, such as
1. Time intervals
2. Personal Access cards
3. Partner companies
Similarly, vehicle access can also be automatically denied by adding a predetermined blacklist

How does the ALPR system work?

Operationally the ALPR system has a workflow that is pretty straightforward.


1. Recognition of Vehicle License Plate Number

As the incoming vehicle arrives in on the designated Access point, Entry Lane or Barrier gate, the ALPR camera will automatically detect and optically reads the vehicle identification number from the front license plate.


2. Dual Authentication for the Added Security layer

For an additional layer of security verification, an RFID-based identification credential, such as Sticker Tags, Smart Access card can also be wirelessly authenticated using a (UHF) RFID reader antenna


3. Internal Verification of Vehicle Information Collected

the incoming vehicle data collected is verified by cross-referencing with the server database records in the electronic parking system (EPS). If there is a positive matching, access will be automatically granted to the vehicle.
Based on the pre-configured system parameter settings, the vehicle access data generated is stored in the system database if required.


4. Real-Time Alert Notification

For real-time situational awareness, Building facility management or other relevant parties can receive immediate mobile notification concerning the occurrence of specific access events.
For added convenience, Real-time Video imaging is available and accessible on a mobile device for human operators or ALPR system administrator.
This is made possible by linking via IP connected clients to the central server, where the license-plate camera images are also stored in the database

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