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Mobile CCTV is popular among Top Businesses in Singapore as these generally have a compact dome or bullet CCTV design form factor, allowing them to easily connect to wireless CCTV system networks.

With wireless networks and mobility around commercial & residential buildings, this enables surveillance systems to be deployed practically anywhere as long as the Solar Powered Camera is operating within the wireless transmission range of security camera system‘s wireless data transmitter. 


Having a mobile CCTV camera offers the benefit of convenient remote vision accessibility from any physical location as long as you have a wireless CCTV display monitor or smart app on your phone. Be soundly assured that you can keep an eye on your store or products,  your house belongings or even your company assets and deter against any possible illegal intrusion of crime when you are traveling.

With over a decade of experience and hard-earned reputation, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialists and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet your safety management measures and needs, no matter the time and cost constraint are or how technically challenging the set of requirements is.

Key Benefits

1. Convenient Wire-Free Deployment
Unlike Analog Cameras, the wireless operation of the low-cost CCTV camera tools enables the camera installation, power Cat 5 LAN cables and its cam mounting Box kit accessories to be easily concealed in as there is no worry due to the con of laying/installing costly data transmission cables/wires.
For it to make it work, all you need is a personal internet network connection and you can have the peace of mind about your home or office.
2. Quick Deployment Surveillance Solutions
Wireless Infra red CCTV is widely adopted by Security projects in Singapore in order to get a rapid, Standalone deployment CCTV system for Day & Night time surveillance monitor of their guarded sports premises.
To account for the wireless transmission requirements, the easy to use electronic Surveillance camera is specially designed to help capture & transmit/deliver live video footage securely and efficiently via various digital data transmission network standards, such as Mobile phone 4G LTE, or Public Wifi AP signal networks.
3. Wireless Accessibility
Wireless CCTV systems use a list of the latest type of innovation in Camera zoom lens, live digital imaging and software service technology. In addition to offering an impressive transmission range of up to 1000m when there is a safe & clear Line of sight (LOS), various Wireless CCTV models today have 2-way audio transmission feature and record Ultra-HD resolution image footage view.
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Design & Features

Features & Benefits of Smart Video Analytics in Mobile CCTV Security System

1. No need for Dedicated NVR servers

When you decide to use a decentralized surveillance camera platform, there is no requirement for a separate NVR or NAS VMS servers or cable infrastructure to manage and administer the video analytics used for counting of People or Object.

 This is because the CCTV camera is able to manage everything & execute the Megapixel video processing by itself inside the camera, thereby helping to save on electrical power expenditure.

2. Automated CSV Report

The Surveillance camera product is able to swiftly automate hourly, daily, weekly or monthly CSV report containing all the important statistical data presented in a very granular format.

This CSV report can be configured to be automatically sent out by the camera internal recorder DVRs as an email base on a specific schedule. Using a mobile email account app, the user can easily receive the phone notification while on the go.

3. Visual Thermal Heat Map Report

The heat map report which provides a visual representation using different color codes to show the variance in the frequency of traffic and object movement inside the surveillance cameras field of view.

This is a really efficient means of assessing which counting areas are experiencing the highest intensity of traffic flow.

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