Mobile Visitor Management System (MoVMS)

Our Mobile Visitor Management System (MoVMS) is a device that equip with 4 technologies to make your daily work much easier.


1)Barcode Scanning

2)Temperature taking

3)Visitor Management System

4)Automatic submission of data to SafeEntry via SafeEntry ‘s website (Optional)

Basic features

  • Perform quick visitor management by capturing only essential information.
  • For contact tracing purposes.
  • Built-in barcode scanning engine to scan for Singapore NRIC/FIN.
  • Able to read Singapore NRIC/FIN, work permit, work pass and driving licenses.
  • Allow manual entry of NRIC/FIN.
  • Partial display of scanned ID, i.e. SXXXX567D.
  • Full NRIC/FIN and other details and timestamp will be encrypted and stored in device’s database.
  • Temperature taking with accuracy at ±0.3℃.
  • Transaction records can be retrieved via USB.

Mobile Visitor Management System Process Flow v2

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