Office Door Access System

Office Door Access system is popularly adopted by Companies in Singapore that needs a cost-effective Door access control system solution for their buildings.
Such access control system is the combination of digital hardware and software that electronically manages the physical access to entry entrances of a secure building facility or premises.
Access control can be is suitable for both deployments in Commercial or Residential applications. The objective of installing these Office Door access security systems is to manage and selectively give access for authorized personnel to specific areas on a predefined schedule


An electronic door access system enables you to effectively control who has access to your home or business. While physical locks and keys also provide security, it can prove to be a serious inconvenience and an added expense to physically change the mechanical keys and locks when keys are misplaced or stolen.
All organization whether small, medium or large have valuable assets that need to be secured and with over a decade in the security industry, T3 Security Integration can help you protect your business assets.


We only choose top-name manufacturer brands to make sure your electronic access control solutions are Efficient, Convenient and provide the physical security deterrent you necessary for your home or business. Once an access control solution is deployed, all doors managed by the access control system will automatically be securely latched when the door is shut close.
Anyone without the correct access PIN code or access token will be unable to enter.


1. Time Attendance System

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

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2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

Access Control Solutions

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4. Time Attendance Software

Security Management Software

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Data on Card Office Door Access System | ‘Anthrax System’

In an ‘anthrax-style’ access control solution, you are able to elevate the implementation of Access Key profile management  to the next level exactly
Every Access control card reader that every Card touches will automatically update the Electronic access control system.
This is possible as all the access rights data and codes are carried along in the door access card, not in the Lock.
This offers the distinct advantage of not needed a wired network for the electronic locks, possibly saving you a significant amount of wiring and installation expenditure.
In this case, the Lock simply knows crucial data such as;
● What Time it is today, what Date it is
● What and what door it represents & protects
● Which doors each specific Personnel can go through


Instant Updating of Access Authorization Profiles

Any modification in Locking plan, such as the adding of new access rights to a new door can be easily carried out by updating the user’s card on the wall-mounted access control reader.
This eliminates the need to manually program the actual card at the Administrator office, every time there is a change in access authorization profile.
With a digital access control solution, we are able to immediately give you entry access to specific access card issued. This means that the unique access authorization profiles of each user are automatically refreshed when they gain entry into the building facility.
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24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

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How Does a Digital Office Door Access Control System Functions

So how does an Electronic access control system works?
Each authorized personnel, such as employee or visitor is given an RFID card or key fob that acts like their actual physical key to get entry access your building premises.Office Door Access System
By tapping the RFID access card (eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire, DESFIRE Evolution 1, Pico pass) on the card reader sensor of the access control system, the user can then inform the access control system what type of access privileges this particular person is entitled to get.
For example, Which specific doors they are allowed to use and When they can use them.
The access control system then only grants entry access that person into areas during the specific days and times you’ve have pre-determined.
With a just a few clicks of a mouse, you as a facility security supervisor can accurately retrieve any past historical record of movement activity required.

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