Security Surveillance System

Security Surveillance System in Singapore plays a critical role in the deployment of an integrated business building security serviceSecurity Surveillance System system implementation to protect against internal & external security threats to safety at work.
Selecting which best type of CCTV cable networking system, Wireless Security Cameras, and Surveillance System configuration to help use & go with your IP Security Camera System will be determined by a number of things, such as includes
1. How much the whole Security Camera system orders will cost
2. Future scalability of the digital CCTV Camera System and the available technical after-sales support services in the event of a malfunction in any of the Video Surveillance System products
3. Operational redundancy of the CCTV system electronics product to allow for integration with an alarm trigger
4. Suitability of the Solar Powered CCTV in the CCTV Security System for indoor & Outdoor deployment
Typically when customer need to implement a new IP Security Camera now in a top quality CCTV surveillance system, the list of components that you required to shop for, order and get typically for a centralized video surveillance system technology solution includes
1. Cameras (Dome, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), Bullet, Solar Powerd Camera, Wireless CCTV, pro Night Vision Cam),
2. Recording Lenses which enable the camera to see & search a wide field of view
3. VMS recording & monitoring Software
4. PC/Server, with Display Monitor
6. Weatherproof housing (for safe protection against Outdoor exposure, eg. Shipping port)
7. Network NVR & DVR recorder, SD memory storage card, or Network Attached Storage (NAS) to store video log footage data
& Power Cable, 8. Network LAN Switch accessories


1. Time Attendance System

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

Access Control Solutions

4. Time Attendance Software

Security Management Software

Features & Benefits of Security Surveillance System


1. Effective Deterrence in Preventing of Crimes

The benefit of proactive surveillance systems is that they put men & women in a position of being able to respond swiftly to an emergency situation before it escalates out of hand.
This can mean prevention of serious crimes activities from being committed in the first place, such as
1. Burglary break-and-enter
2. Vandalism of Building Properties & Cars
3. Arsonist
As such proactive systems allow you to prevent crime before it can occur, Having a proactive system can almost always offer a much better situation outcome compared to just being able to positively identify personnel after the crime, arson or vandalism has been committed where the financial damage is often irreversible or extremely costly.


2. Smart Motion Detection Software

The smart movement detection program in the camera and NVR recorders can precisely discern between different types of movement.
This enables the system to detect human activity movement while ignoring other irrelevant movements, such as swinging trees, Rain droplets on the camera lens, Flashing lights and animals .. etc
This means that incidence of False triggers is highly unlikely as the alert notification and recording will only be triggered only by mobile human motion happening and detected inside the cameras field of view. Any other types of irrelevant motion detected during surveillance watch will be ignored


3. High Return on Investment

Although proactive CCTV systems do need you to buy more advanced hardware technology which is more costly, the long-term return on investment is invaluable be compared to the upfront initial investment.

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1. Improved Business Efficiency

Real-Time Security Situational Awareness

Efficiently Track and Monitor your security operations to enable optimum allocation of security operational resources.

2. Empower Your Teams

Security Information Management

Automate daily Tracking, Reporting and Documentation of Security Incident and Operational Activities. Traceable audit trial for maximum Accountability and Transparency.

3. Accountability & Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Security Policies

Our Security solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized base on your organization’s Operational Needs.

4. Integration with Payroll

Safeguard Your Organization Safety & Security

Ensure safety and security of your employees by mitigating operational exposure to workplace security risk factors.

5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Pro-actively deter Risk of Intrusion and Threats from both your Internal and External operational environments.

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring

24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

Automate reporting and Capture data analytics & trends to get actionable insights into your workforce productivity performance

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