Solar Powered CCTV

Solar Powered CCTV systems are popular among companies in Singapore which needs remote surveillance view monitoring of inaccessible and large outdoor site premises which does not have power supply facilities (eg. industrial, construction sites). 

The Wireless and Standalone nature of the Solar powered CCTV technology allows the entire digital CCTV cameras and surveillance cam system to be installed and operated independently without the need for an external power source. For nighttime surveillance when the light conditions are poor, the Solar Powered Camera system is also able to power up a built-in infra red LED for assisted illumination.

With over a decade of experience and hard-earned reputation, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialists and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet your safety management measures and needs, no matter the time and cost constraint are or how technically challenging the set of requirements is.

Key benefits

1. Save on Wiring Costs
Solar powered CCTV system sends data through the use of wireless Wifi network transmission and is powered entirely by the Solar panel and internal storage battery. Hence, no need to lay extremely costly electrical wire or data transmission cables.
2. Reliable and independent
Entirely self-sufficient in terms of its electrical power needs and low in power consumption. It can operate reliably under the sun for over a long period of time without any need for an external power source. This also means that the CCTV Surveillance operation can continue without disruption in the event of a power shortage or blackout.
3. Fast Deployment
Enjoy a fast and easy product installation deployment of our mobile CCTV solution which can operate independently and reliably. Our solar-based Surveillance systems can be custom designed base on your specific CCTV application.
4. Higher Power Density
Our new solar panel technology solution which is equipped with highly photon sensitive solar cells. The high tech anti-reflective coating gives superior energy conversion efficiency compared to other solar technologies.
This means that it can continue to direct light to the solar cells to generate electrical energy output even at low lighting levels, thus translating to a higher energy yield per square meter area from your solar system.
Solar Powered CCTV

Design & Features

Solar powered CCTV system is installed and operated independently without the need for an external power source. It can be used to monitor the off-grid places or remote areas where running cables would be impossible or overly expensive.

1. Wire-less

Solar powered CCTV system is powered entirely by the Solar panel and internal storage battery. This means that there is no need to lay electrical wire.

2. Standalone Operation

The Solar powered CCTV system is design to be a standalone system, it can continue to operate without disruption in the event of a power shortage or blackout.

3. Flexible and Easy Deployment

All equipment as well as the Network Video Recorder (NVR) and wireless router (if require) will be housed in an outdoor enclosure and mounted on to a pole. It is a neat setup without loose equipment and cabling lying around which allow future relocation easily.

4. Applications

Solar powered CCTV system requires no power grid to work. So it can be used in various surveillance applications. The typical sites include,but are not limited to: construction sites, warehouses, events, industrial areas, large outdoor site premises, area with limited or no power grid.

Solar Powered CCTV

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