Swing Gate

Swing gate turnstile is popular among businesses in Singapore seeking for a Medium-security barrier turnstile gate access control system for their building front entrance reception.
Such a half height turnstile gate provides the security and functionality of a full height turnstile, while at the same time, maintains a welcoming industrial design of a Tripod turnstile, which exudes an atmosphere of architectural openness.


Designed for High Traffic, Medium Security Access Control Needs

Similar to a Speedgate, Drop Arm barrier, and Flap Barrier, it has a durable design which is suited for entrance access control deployment in premises which Frequently involves a relatively large volume of human foot traffic access, and requires a medium level of authentication security.
Examples include locations such as corporate building reception entrance, Theme parks, Schools & Colleges, Factories Facilities, Inventory Warehouses and Sports Stadiums
* If you require a turnstile solution for protected sites with high-level security protection, a Full height turnstile is better suited instead as it enables the physical fencing of the entire height of the entrance lane


Key Application of Swing Gates 

• Government installationsSwing Gate
• Train stations
• Commercial buildings
• Data centers
• Industrial sites
• Airports
• Amusement parks

Robust Weatherproof Design

As it is weatherproof, it can withstand harsh operating outdoor conditions, allowing it to be suitable for installations in both interior and exterior locations.


Durable & Maintenance-Free Design 

The swing gate’s servo control system consists of a Lossless DC brushless motor mechanism which helps to provide an Accurate mechanism control, Stable engineering performance with minimum periodic Repair needed over a long-term usage period.


Fast yet Smooth Operation Control

It has a durable and quick gate operations enables it to efficiently manage a large flow of foot traffic flow.


Aesthetic Pleasing

Our swing gate turnstiles feature an aesthetically pleasing slim design form factor which allows it to blend in with the surrounding architectural design.


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24/7 monitoring enforces an additional layer of security & ensures alignment with operational & regulatory policies

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Maximize Workforce Productivity Output

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Features & Benefits of Swing Gate Turnstile


1. Building Safety Evacuation mode

In the event of an emergency building evacuation, the turnstile gate barrier swings open automatically to facilitate a free unhindered passage to safely evacuate occupants in the building.
This includes security incidents such as due to Fire outbreak, Power failure, or Terrorism etc.


2. User Safety Protection Features


Anti-clamping functions

To provide additional safety protection during operational, the swing gate turnstile is equipped an Infrared and mechanical anti-clamping feature


Safety Motion Damping

When an impact force exceeding the safety range is suddenly exerted on the Swing gate barrier, it has a safety motion damping design to protect the pedestrian from any possibility of impact injury.


Low Electrical Rating

All internal electric modules are designed to function normally under the safety voltage of 24V and are designed with built-in residual current protective devices to effectively mitigate any electric shocks.


3. Advanced Security Detection Feature (Optional)

Advanced photoelectric stereoscopic detection sensors can be added to enhance safety and security functionality of the Swing gate turnstile.
This can serve to offer intelligent detection Unauthorized user behaviors, such as
1. Forced entry intrusion
2. Illegal Crawling attempts below gate barrier or Climbing over a barrier
3. Reverse passing back against designated passageway direction
4. Tail-gating with personnel
5. Extra Baggage detection
In the event any of the above illegal activities are detected, a barrier auto-lock feature will be activated. In addition, an Audio and Visual warning alarm (ie. Sound, light) will also be triggered to alert intervention by nearby security personnel.


4. Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Access Control Solutions

The swing gate turnstile has built-in authenticating Access control readers which can easily conveniently integrate with your building entrance’s existing security systems.
Depending on the security objective as required by clients, this can include integration such as
1. Personnel Access control system
2. Visitor management system (VMS) at Front desk reception
3. Visitor Ticketing & Payment system


5. Configurable Opening direction

The swivel swing gate can be configured to control its Opening & Closing direction for allowing physical passage in one direction or in both directions.
The available configurations include;
  1. Opening to one side as the entrance
  2. Opening to one side as the exit
  3. Opening in both directions (Bi-directional)
  4. Closed on both Side (Lock-down)

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