Turnstile Gate

Turnstile gates are commonly used in Singapore to help perform various barrier access management functions through integration with existing security systems. This includes functions, such as regulating the stream of people traffic, managing exit and entrance and protecting building premises from authorized person access.

Commonly also known as pedestrian entrance control, it is a mean for metering or controlling people that are entering a building or campus premises. Typically seen in the the busy Central Business District (CBD) areas in Singapore where heavy human traffic in and out the building entrance is encountered on a daily basis. Hence ensuring building safety and security has became a greater priority for most organisations.

With over a decade of experience and hard-earned reputation, coupled with our professionally trained team of CCTV systems specialists and installation service technicians in our Singapore company office, we are committed to helping you meet your safety management measures and needs, no matter the time and cost constraint are or how technically challenging the set of requirements is.

Key benefits

1. Integrated Access Control Authentication
Can be configured to allow the visitor to carry out access control authentication to receive entry and exit approval. This can be done using various credentials, such as the Printed barcode, QR code, NFC proximity smart card, and even Mobile phone NFC.
2. Enhanced Security Entry Detection for Unmanned Entrance Lobby
For front desk lobby which is unmanned, a high-security access control of the personnel entry and exit movement is usually required. In situation of tailgate attempt or denied entry, our tailgate has extended compartments built-in for integration with electronic hardware for enhanced entry and exit detection if required.
3. Safeguarding of Company Assets

Restrict and control entry and exit movement of personnel in corporate buildings facilities or regulatory environment where sensitive client data, public security information is stored.

4. Deter Threat of Workplace Violence
To mitigate risk of workplace violence or domestic violence threats entering into a workplace and jeopardizing the safety of employees. Having a turnstile access control can help to ensure sure that every person entering the building is authorized and has a genuine/valid reason to gain entry into the company building.
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Design & Features

Swing Barrier – Can be easily interfaced with 3rd party device for a seamless access control system integration. In most standard turnstile, an Access controller and two access control readers are installed into the turnstile body housing. If needed, an optional card capture reader can be installed.

1. Alarm feature: When arms are pushed by force illegally, alarm will be triggered automatically and arms will be set locked.

2. Anti-pinch function: Turnstile have Mechanical/infrared induction Anti-pinch functions (when it is meet the hinder during the reset time, the electrical machine closed work automatically in specified time, the turnstile will default the delayed and reset again till reset succeed).

3. The turnstile will closed the door when somebody enter the gate illegally, tailgating or breaking into negative direction gate.

4. Automatic Reset Functions: after you swap the card, during the specific time, if you didn’t pass the turnstile, the system will cancel your authority automatically to pass the gate.

Swing Barrier

Tripod Turnstile – Cross-functional, and classical design that has a compact overall size. They are commonly installed at Schools, Medical Hospitals, Exhibition & Convention Centers, Museums, Theme parks and Recreational centers.

1. Mechanical drive unit allows the arm to be push through effortlessly.

2. Fail safe feature that allow the arm to drop down when power supply is disrupted and arm will auto rise when power resume.

3. Simple and easy usage. Arm always in lock position, once receive signal it will unlock and lock back after one round rotation or time out.

4. DC Brushless Motor, low maintenance rate.

5. Can incorporate with access control, using facial recognition, card access, biometric, barcode or QR code readers.

Tripod Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile – Frequently installed when it is needed to reliably safeguard against unauthorized passage and heavily enhance the entrance control security. It is used at highly protected sites like factories plants, National stadiums, and Auditoriums.

1. High security equipment with minimum observation and provide anti-tailgating. Suitable to use in premises require anti-tailgating.

2. The equipment adopts the exclusive technique of double cam. As a result, the turnstiles is more accurate and reliable for zero point locking and unlocking.

3. It has failure self detection and alarm indication function.

4. It has automatic function of opening or closing when power off.

5. The equipment is provided with a unified, standard electric interface and is available to integrated with various type of access control as a complete security integration.

6. Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people.

Full Height Turnstile

Flap Barrier – Purely optical operation and have no barriers. In the event that the optical turnstile detects that the person attempting access through the turnstile is not authorized to enter the building, it emits an alarm signal.

1. Non-polar collision avoidance, it has resistance to destruction

2. Cutting edge new ARM technology, which has better expand-ability and high cost performance

3. Adopt module structure design, anti-pinch performance to protect passengers

4. Provided with a unified, standard electric interface and is available to integrated with various type of access control as a complete security integration.

5. Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people.

Flap Barrier

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