Vehicle Barrier

Vehicle barrier systems are the essential car park management solution if you need to control and manage the vehicle transit in and out of your car park facilities. Through integration with License Plate Recognition, our vehicle barrier allow you to efficiently manage and track the movement of every vehicles entering into your car park premises even in situation of heavy traffic.
As different building premises each has its own set of unique car parking management challenges and specification requirement, we ensure all our car park management system deployed is customized and fully integrated to satisfy your needs. The security landscape and technology is continuously ever-changing and our in-house team of system developers is constantly using the highest quality hardware and software know-how to ensure that our Car Park Management systems are kept current and up-to-date with the latest developments.
Various types of car park management projects that we have experience worked on includes: 
● Commercial office building car park
● Private Residential Condominium car park
● Shopping Center car park
● Hotel car park
● Exhibition & Convention center car parkvery

Key benefits

1. Responsive and economical automation of car park management and payment collection
In conjunction with the date and time records captured earlier during entry, the car park system will automatically compute the parking fee chargeable. Upon a successful deduction from the CashCard or CEPAS card in the IU, the barrier will lift automatically.
2. Maximized profitability through streamlining of management operations of car park facilities and vehicles
For secure building premises, such as Governmental, Embassy, Correctional facilities or Military camps, a car park barrier system also serves as a reliable form of vehicle identification to ensure that only registered authorized vehicles are allowed gain entry into the building facilities.
3. Optimize occupancy level of car parks slots at all times
4. Swift Vehicle Registration Process

Procedure of capturing of the vehicle unique In-Vehicle Unit (IU) identification number is completed in less than 2 seconds. This helps to eliminate any risk of long vehicle congestion during days with heavy traffic.

Vehicle Barrier

Design & Features

1. Heavy-duty and simple design cabinet

The cabinet adopts 2mm precise machine cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed  anti-UV surface which is non-scale and unfading, conformed to the IP54 dustproof and  weatherproof.

2. Maintenance-free 70W torque motor 100% duty cycle

The 70W integrated decelerating torque motor is environmentally friendly, energy-saving,  and maintenance-free. No current shock and overheating while working, it protects the  controller and prolong its lifetime.

3. Wireless device communication using long range (UHF) RFID technologies

Using a long range UHF RFID antenna, the vehicle barrier is able to transmit signals to the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) installed in the vehicle via wireless. The (UHF) RFID technology used is similar to that found in the Electronic road pricing (ERP) system. This allows the EPS system to capture and verify the unique ID number of the vehicle’s In-Vehicle Unit (IU) before giving the vehicle entry access into the car park facilities. Information data (eg. IU number, Date & Time of entry, Car Numberplate) collected during the car park entry will then be sent to the central PC database for later retrieval. 

Traffic Barrier

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