Visitor Management System (VMS)

Visitor management system is a technology that tracks visitors entering your area.

Basic features

  • Pre-registration of visitors/contractors with validity date range.
  • Banned list to allow reception counter to monitor blacklisted names.
  • Tracks purpose of visit, location of visit, check-in and out timings.
  • Transaction reports with various search criteria and date ranges.
  • Reports can be exported to MS Excel and PDF.
  • Keep track of overstaying visitors/contractors through an on-screen and audio alert.
  • Allow scanning of photo ID’s barcode for fast entry.
  • In accordance with latest PDPA’s regulation (1 Sep 2019), the full ID number (i.e. NRIC/FIN/Passport will not be stored in database) and only partial display of ID number.
  • Uses SQL database structure.
  • Manual/auto purging of old transactions by X days.
  • Ability to recognize each visitors’ record uniquely through a hashing algorithm, make subsequent visits be processed faster.


  • Temperature taking and SafeEntry Registration – Upon check-in of visitor, system will automatically launch web-browser to SafeEntry’s website and submit the scanned NRIC/FIN number automatically.

Visitor Management System v2

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